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Formal Womens Pant Suits

Especially in today’s business world women or women want to seriously be taken than ever. A simple and effective support while providing the correct choice of clothing. E twa the pantsuit. This leaves a wife in no time to Lady are and helps compared to male clothing habits to a equivalent dress. A dress often looks to read for iv and casual. In a business environment can be a big impression with the garment “pantsuit ladies” made ​​and influenced such important decisions and projects are moved.

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Satin Blouses for Parties – Photos and Models

Party Satin Blouses

The satin blouses are always in fashion especially when we need to be ready for any special occasion, satin should be used at night for being a shiny tissue makes up the look of the woman with great elegance. But we must be very careful in the combination of accessories to avoid exaggeration. Continue reading

7 Tips to Appear Thinner

We all have days that we are feeling a bit bloated, slower and heavier, even if the world tells us otherwise.We just do not feel that good.But the commitments persist, so the way is to try to disguise what bothers us and try to bring focus to the finer parts of our body. Continue reading

8 Ways How You Can Combine a White Blouse!

Everyone has a white blouse at home, but we do not wear it rarely. You do not believe, how sophisticated combinations will turn your boring white blouse into an eyecatcher! Here are the 8 ways to create the look of the day with your blouse. Continue reading

I Wore Blouses Cropped Being Plus Size for a Week

A plus size person wearing a cropped blouse goes against fashion rules. So I wanted to see what would happen if I broke that rule.

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What to Wear in a Fashion Week?

Fashion season is not over yet. The excitement began in early February, in New York. From there, he moved to London, Milan, Paris and Lisbon, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Continue reading

14 Tricks For Pregnant Women to Dare on Looks Without Giving Up Comfort

We know very well how it works because it has already passed through this phase and felt on the skin the difficulties – and all the delights – of being a pregnant woman. Although different for each woman, this is a beautiful period and can be harnessed to the maximum also in the visual aspect. Wants to know?! Pregnant women are always full of charm, each with its style, its beauty, its personality, its age.And the interesting thing is knowing how to value these differences exactly when choosing clothes that will impress our personality and provide more than necessary comfort in this very special phase.

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Fashion Blouses

Spring is in the door, are you ready? Eternal winter’s end is coming, and along with it our deep concern about the what to wear or what to buy for this warm and expected time.

Take it easy! I will tell you how to take the best fashion trends, will not have to suffer for purchasing new things and have fun mixing volumes and textures at all your looks.
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Oysho Underwear Collection

Oysho continues on its way of becoming one of the references in underwear y lingerie If it is not already for many. The signing of Inditex has presented its collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 and the results are once again to take into account thanks to affordable prices. A brand no-frills style. Continue reading

Types of Leggings

Types tights-Tights occur without cotton leggings and cotton wedge. This cotton wedge allows you to wear without underwear-There tights with shorts and without them, tights, not the so-called shortykov comfortable to wear a short skirt-There extensible modeling tights density to 180 DEN, on the packaging and labeled with UP. These tights with varying degrees of contraction of the stomach tighten somewhat lift your butt, visually reducing the size of the hips and waist-There leggings for the prevention of varicose veins, these brands support packages, they density from 50 to 100 DEN, by weaving slivers tights stimulate blood circulation and have a massage effect by varying degrees of contraction helps relieve tired legs Pharmacies can buy panty therapeutic antifungal or anti-allergic impregnated with anti-cellulite effect. To mark the package is set Claresse.

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Outfit Ideas for Plus Size

Steffi, our Plus Size blogger, provides for you in our fashion video their selected Trend Part of the Plus Size Fashion collection navabi ago. She chose three different garments: a long blouse Oversized, a dress made of fine cotton and a gaudy jacket in cropped-all parts super fashionable, figure hugging cuts and in large quantities. As Steffi combined their favorite parts, you can see in this video Outfit Inspiration large quantities.

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Blue or Pink Blouse

Colored Business Shirts: Is That Possible?

Business is not the same business. In very conservative industries and in the banking sector are dark or patterned shirts as gaffe; also fashion colors like orange, brown, forest green or burgundy should be avoided there. Nevertheless, there is office environments where it might safely go more colorful. These include, for example, advertising and design agencies or IT consultants. No matter what industry you should at important meetings and conferences, however, always play it safe and opt for a single color white shirt or alight blue shirt choose – these colors are business classics .

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TopShop Blouse Sale

We have just talked a few days ago the new advertising campaign TopShop, which sees the beautiful and controversial Kate Moss , top model among the most highly paid and influential in the fashion industry, as the protagonist not only as a testimonial, but for years now in the the designers. E ‘output in these days the TopShop Spring 2010 Collection signed by their top model British. It is an entire line that incorporates part of the style so much envied iconic model, which spread to his fans around the world wanted to give leaders vintage flavor and “boho-chic”, that style so fashionable in our days. Continue reading

Jogging Pants-Comfortable Yet Stylish

Jogging pants belong to the couch, I think when I hear the word and appear in front of my mind’s eye-a misshap of gray sweatshirt material. Continue reading

Plus Size Fashion Tips

For many years the chubby women suffer with the sets, which basically create beautiful clothes for skinny women and high, while those who had a little extra meat suffered to find pants, dresses and blouses that fitted to your body type.

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