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How to Decorate The Window With Curtains

The curtains dress the windows so aesthetic and practical. They adapt to all styles of the more retro to modern carpentry: you just have to make the right choice among different styles of curtains. Depending on the type of window they can hide an imperfection, a play on perspective or transfiguring light. But that’s not all ! Curtains can help: blackout, refreshing, or otherwise réchauffants, know your curtain to match its destination window.


  • wooden window curtains
  • PVC window curtains
  • Curtains and aluminum window
  • special windows

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How to Decorate Windows With Curtains Ideas

Dress windows is often the end point of a room decoration. And it’s not always easy to navigate! Spoiler The collection offers a wide choice of ready-to-pose to install in a snap. The different proposed widths and heights allow you to get almost tailor-made. Some of our models are also available in fabric by the meter (the cuts are rounded to the 10th top meter): Think about it for your special dimensions of windows or for making a coordinated decor. All our ready-to-install is finished hem curtains (base and sides).

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Curtain for Blinds

Good Morning Sunshine! Spring is here and now come with him also the first rays that kiss you awake in the morning. Especially beautiful in scene

You this now with curtains, blinds and pleated blinds in bright colors and spring-like look.

Home textiles are genuine all-rounder for your home. We have put together some ideas for you, showing you how the useful with the decorative sides so connect that curtains are in your home into an eyecatcher.

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