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Prepare to Use Hood

Hey my loves, all right? Who accompanies me on stories @pamellaferraric, remember when I was at Minas Trend and I commented on the hood? Because the post today is whole of tips to bet now. Continue reading

5 Styling Tips on How to Wear the Fashion Classic

It belongs in every woman’s wardrobe: the little black . But whoever thinks that it can only be worn in the evening or on special occasions is wrong!  Continue reading

7 Tips to Appear Thinner

We all have days that we are feeling a bit bloated, slower and heavier, even if the world tells us otherwise.We just do not feel that good.But the commitments persist, so the way is to try to disguise what bothers us and try to bring focus to the finer parts of our body. Continue reading

Skjortaxel on Blazer

It offers a variety of kavajguider which points out the importance of the jacket fits well into the shoulders. Something that very rarely discussed is the kavajaxelns form, where the actual design and the amount of padding can change the whole jacket’s impression. To design a kavajaxel is a whole science and many tailors have their unique construction. One of many is the so called skjortaxeln. Continue reading

Female Flare Trousers, Learn How to Wear

Flare trousers is one of the most fashionable women’s models, and today there are many women who bet on this model, making the look very elegant and charming. Continue reading

Fashion Executive, a Fashion within Fashion

When it comes to executive fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the clothes we wear to work or to advise a company that is usually large or more formal. Continue reading

Models in Skirts Jeans

Contrary to popular belief, the denim skirts can have a much better GPA than if it has today. Many women restrict your use the hot days and during the holidays on the beach, but as we shall see, there are many other possibilities. Continue reading

Plus Size Outfit with Chiffon Dress

Manon Baptiste is your date for the “ValenMine’s Day”. (We have smoothly recaptured Valentine’s Day,Because too often we forget the most important person: ourselves.) Manon Baptiste is a model of navabi, which designs chic, fresh fashion for plus size ladies.

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The Leather Leggings

For some time are leather leggings indispensable in more from the fashion world. Even it-girl Olivia Palermo has discovered the megatrend for itself and makes leading it to as combining the leggings in leather look.

They are the fashion must-have in recent years: leather leggings. The comfortable pants look cool and casual-you can spice up your outfit and style really rocking. But also to a reputable everyday outfit fit the shiny leggings good. Then they look elegant and feminine. But many women dare not still on the leather optic zoom and feel too reminiscent of fashion sins of the 1980s. They still have not hang leather leggings in the closet? Then going on – it is time to try the sexy trend.

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How to Wear Colored Leggings

Leggings have already become an indispensable part of the wardrobe of every woman, especially in the cold season. However, besides being warmed tights, they still can decorate female legs, especially, if the color tights. But dare to wear colored tights, not all women. And most often it is due to the fact that the fair sex do not know with what they can be combined and therefore afraid to look ridiculous. Certainly, tights and beige flesh do not require a detailed compilation of the wardrobe, but, nevertheless, every woman should remember that properly selected color tights can effectively supplement their wardrobe at the lowest cost. So, how to properly combine with other colored tights female wardrobe things? Let’s look at this in more detail.

If you like the leggings bright and saturated colors, create your ensemble, so that they were his only bright spot-all the other things in this case must be designed in gray or black.

Women who are dissatisfied with the length of his legs, stylists offer visually enlarge them using colored tights. Make it easy – it is only necessary to make your wardrobe so that the color of your tights as much coincided with the color of the lower part of your ensemble with pants or a skirt.

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Family Television Today and Blazer Phase

I would not have thought that I would say this-but it is just so… First, it comes differently and secondly as one thinks. Continue reading