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3 Rules for Wearing Leggings

Practical, comfortable leggings are a staple of the wardrobe. That said, it is good to know how to wear them evolve from season to season.

Among leggings trends of Spring 2015, we still find the version leather, printed leggings and all versions of athletic inspiration.

Givenchy-Spring 2015

Leggings faux leather, available at American Apparel

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San Remo Festival Stars

Last night opened the curtain on the 62 th edition of the Sanremo Festival 2012 and we have heard so many great songs, but brave fashionistas an eye to look of our gold uvula we could not avoid it. Today we see the looks she sported the singers in the race in Sanremo 2012, I must admit that none of those seen in the early evening made me jump from the chair, but there are still four evenings to do better! Continue reading

Stradivarius Party Wear

As we had anticipated, Stradivarius has focused on glitter for its clothing collection dedicated to the festive season and especially in New Year. Even in this case, as we have already seen for other economic fashion collections, the choice is to bet on the elegance of the black rather than on the more traditional red, and the result in the case of a young line and saucy as this is to a eye-catching collection of character, and extremely glamorous and fashionable. Let’s watch it together! Continue reading

Huawei Wins European Glory

Huawei Ascend P7 WINS EISA award: European Consumer Smartphone 2014-2015.

The Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei, has for the second year in a row, won the European Imaging and Sound Association Award: European Consumer Smartphone 2014-2015.

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A Beautiful Arched White Shirt

The white shirt is a play underestimated, which is even more off the excessive importance that we give to the black shirt.

A white shirt, lay it very often: with a jacket, a sweater, a cardigan or even a hoody (pull (zipped or not) with hood).

The problem is that a white shirt too average quality, very ugly. White is a color that does not agree with a cheap material (eg thin fabric as cigarette paper, irregular in its weaving and transparent).

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3 Most Essential Clothing Items

1) The Gross Jeans

The jean is man’s best friend. It is the piece that accompanies him everywhere through time and seasons.

A nice jeans can dress up an outfit or add a casual touch to a stricter dress.

The problem is that most men do not know how to choose a good jean. Just take a look in the streets to see too shapeless jeans washout too pronounced.

PAP mainstream shops offer only very rarely well cut jeans with a nice solid canvas.

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10 Looks for a Retro Style

The retro style is on the rise, this is not news to anyone else, from clothes to makes and hairstyles, and is what we show here, because a lot of people do not know is that there are some simple tips on how to get a visual retro without having to resort there is a professional, it is, you yourself can get it from using a simple red lipstick, even betting on a hairstyle past the half-moon nail … well, see below some features and beauty to achieve charming retro style.

Looks Tips for a Retro Style

  1. The Power of Kitten

Who has not woke up finding the most terrible of deadly ??? Well, you know you are not alone in this, but at such times, believe me, a good black eyeliner can save your life, or at least its production! And the cool thing is that he did not fight with no style, it goes well with all kinds of clothes and of course you according to his will, and with the occasion. You can opt for a more discretinho look to a more radical. Tip: try to tilt the head back in the time of application, it will become the eyelid.

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How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Who does not know that? When looking into the favorite fashion magazine you can be jealous talk: There we smile Stars in outrageously expensive, but incredibly stylish outfits contrary, you yourself can never afford. Sure, owning designer fashion is certainly a nice feeling and it speaks also did not mind in the investing one or another quality accessory. For an extravagant look you must really not cases from head to toe in luxury fashion. Today’s blog post shows you how to spice up with a few parts of your clothing can. Enjoy nachstylen!

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Development of Fashion Industry

I get to class and take my seat next to the other girls, and as usual, they are better dressed than I am. A door of stovepipe jeans and a shrunken black T-shirt; the other wearing a short denim mini and razor flat, arc-destroy sandals. A third is an amazing print dress. I sigh and wish I had taken the time to find matching socks. I’m used to be less fashionable, but in the past, well-dressed women I knew were, well, women. Now girls with killer clothes are toddlers in my son’s music class.

But while their diva girls are dressed to the nines, the mothers of these girls are downright old fashioned. yoga pants.Ragged ponytails. Hoodies as far as the eye can see. And it begs the question: why are we dress our girls-who will spend the day running and jumping and splashing in the puddles-for a night on the town, and for ourselves as well, a day at playground?

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Wearing Fishnet Stockings

We fashion 80s wardrobe attended fishnet tights, quickly lost its popularity for unclear reasons. But everything is new, as the famous saying-it’s only forgotten old. So fishnet tights again become relevant in our time, and use them not only for evening dresses. Let’s try to figure out what to wear this is a sophisticated and original thing.

Before you buy tights with patterns, colors, eye or fancy weaves, please note that they are only suitable for owners of thin and long legs, otherwise, they only accentuate existing deficiencies.

They can bring more femininity, glamor and extravagance on your way, make it easy to break people’s hearts, but they soon spoil the image if you ask them to take the wrong clothes.If you’re a fan of romantic or classic style, stockings, fishnet, of course, will be a great addition to your image, but to combine this part of the female toilets with sporting style or some of its parts stylists are not recommended as this combination is the most obvious proof tacky From what to wear fishnet stockings?

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How to Wear Treggings

Treggings recently went on sale, but has managed to conquer many of the fairer sex who want to look more attractive and stylish. These tight pants made of cotton with lycra impurity, and therefore visually reminiscent of leather goods, is a symbiosis of leggings and jeans. First they borrowed their style, and the second-details like belt and pockets.

Those who want to fill your wardrobe tregginsami, note that they are really convenient, practical and attractive enough. Because of the composition of the tissues of these pants have a sculpting effect, which allows you to make the figure more slender. However, they look best on lean women who have sufficiently long and slender legs. But BBW a similar subject ladies toilet still stands abandoned.

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What Should You Wear as a Guest to a Wedding

Pippa Middleton has become famous as a maid of honor and bridesmaid. She wore on her sister’s wedding, Kate and Prince William, a white dress and had more rigged than her sister. It shows what you can do as a guest at a wedding all wrong.

While men are having a fancy suit and tuxedo always good advice, it is more difficult for women. The first priority is that the bride and the groom are the focus and you must steal them under any circumstances the show.

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Android Smartwatches

After having posted a small collection of Halloween themed games Android, now is the turn of another collection on the same theme, this time dedicated to the smartwatch Android Wear. A few days ago we had already seen a very interesting watch face for Halloween, but if one wasn’t enough, here are 4 more to choose from to personalize your wearable in time to the night of pumpkins.

Let’s start with Halloween Night Watch Watch Face, which gives us all the typical elements of the feast in one watch face: an eerie graveyard, a pumpkin, bats and the full moon, does not seem to miss anything! The watch presents an interesting particularity, that is decentralized so that it matches perfectly with the shape of the moon. The app is available for free on Play Store at the following link: Continue reading

Metallic Accessories Trend 2014

Ideal to spice up plain styles to accessories are in shiny bronze and gold tones. We draw attention to us and bring shine in the summer!

Total hip this season is the metallic trend with focus on shiny accessories. The brave of you wear the look “all over” or shimmering statement pieces like a leggings or a jacket in metallic shades. However, you can also wear the trend in detail and focus on shiny accessories.
The look exudes sophistication when you wear it to simple outfits. Monochrome Styles in black, white or cream colors are perfect, also monochrome looks in black and white enhances the metallic trend optimally.

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DIY Nail Decoration

To be really trendy Halloween night is not enough to have a proper and masquerade Halloween make up hip but is essential to cure even the smallest details such as the manicure.

If you don’t want to go the beautician to decorate your nails you can always choose the DIY: here are some tips to decorate your nails in Halloween style quickly and easily.

As a base you can choose from the colors of glazes fashion for fall 2010, dark and metallic, although we recommend using just one Black enamel, perfect for Halloween manicure. Continue reading

Leather and Denim Leggings

Incidentally, leggings perfectly with black or white tunikami, or you can choose the color that will be combined in ottenku one of lipids oblegayushtih pants. This style is considered to be quite aggressive and sexy in it are able only brave girls.Remember that this option requires a high spikes or maximum platform.

Pastel Colors

This season is very popular and soft muted colors such as turquoise, beige, coral, mint or lavender. For example, beige leggings which are usually made of lightweight summer fabric, can be worn with or peachtree myatnoy lightweight jacket.

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What is Jeggings?

Choose What Jeggings?

One-colour black, white, blue, red, beige, or much reasons, like the great models on pink and blue flowers on white background, choose the jegging need you: you will find all the colors and all the trends!

In the summer, it will be wiser to opt for a rather clear model.

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How to Wear Colored Leggings

Leggings have already become an indispensable part of the wardrobe of every woman, especially in the cold season. However, besides being warmed tights, they still can decorate female legs, especially, if the color tights. But dare to wear colored tights, not all women. And most often it is due to the fact that the fair sex do not know with what they can be combined and therefore afraid to look ridiculous. Certainly, tights and beige flesh do not require a detailed compilation of the wardrobe, but, nevertheless, every woman should remember that properly selected color tights can effectively supplement their wardrobe at the lowest cost. So, how to properly combine with other colored tights female wardrobe things? Let’s look at this in more detail.

If you like the leggings bright and saturated colors, create your ensemble, so that they were his only bright spot-all the other things in this case must be designed in gray or black.

Women who are dissatisfied with the length of his legs, stylists offer visually enlarge them using colored tights. Make it easy – it is only necessary to make your wardrobe so that the color of your tights as much coincided with the color of the lower part of your ensemble with pants or a skirt.

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How to Wear Black Leggings

Imagine the female wardrobe without tights simply impossible. This garment is any modern or not the fairer sex without it can not do any cold winter or rainy autumn or hot spring. And in the hot summer, no, no and will have to wear tights.

Rules of etiquette and dress code no one has canceled, and bare female legs in some cases can be not only appropriate but vulgar and indecent.

But today we’re talking about the classics-flesh-colored tights that mimic second skin, or simply become almost invisible feet. It’s black, thick tights-headliner of this fashion season.

Once black tights and considered bad taste to wear them was a risky business in a decent society. But today things have changed, black tights must have for every fashion.

First, let’s see if all black tights “created equal”? Considered fashionable and stylish black tights 100 days and above. (Den-. Name density of tights) Tights 100 days is usually thick and transparent, but depending on the manufacturer can become more transparent on the knees and hips when they carry.

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How to Wear Jeggings

Know a match Jeggings:

The jeggings are a kind of very tight jeans, wear it only if we have the chance to have a slim figure and choose the cut so that the curve of the body is properly valued.

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How To Wear Leggings With Heels

Slim, sleek and skintight, leggings are the perfect style staple for a modern woman’s wardrobe. While leggings made of leather appeared on the runways in 2008, leggings made of denim jeans-or jeggings-was featured in fashion magazines in 2009. Whether these tight leg coverings are paired with high heels or chunky high heels, the right shoes transitional leggings from day to evening easy.

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How to Choose Jeggings

What is a Jeggings?

Offering less harsh alternative to traditional jeans, and a look 100% denim with a slight structure like a legging, it makes you feel more comfortable every day, especially in the slims. Ultra trend, it appears everywhere at the moment, in dozens of different colors. But the question before us today is whether this famous new pants are a fad or a new must-have.

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