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Plus Size Fashion Weekend

Bogota.-the “Plus Size Fashion Weekend” is a fashion fair in the style of the traditional gateways and presence of brands, but with an inclusive vision, it was born with the idea to promote the industry of large sizes for those eternally marked by suffering overweight in Colombia. Continue reading

Put on Your Bikini at Le Lingerie

Summer is almost there and it’s time to put together your favorite sets. At Le Lingerie, in addition to the classic bikini models, there are still modern styles and are considered major trends. And you, you know what they are? Next, see the TOP eight pieces that have everything and versions that never go out of style. Continue reading

The Do’s and Don’ts at Bikinis and Swimsuits

Not every one of us has the perfect bikinifigur. But if you take some tips and tricks every beach course to the perfect appearance Continue reading

Queen of Mangueira Displays in Bikinis and Speaks of ‘Rival’

Renata Santos showed off some bikinis from her collection in an exclusive rehearsal for EGO. The queen of drums at Estação Primeiro de Mangueira, which two months after the carnival is intensifying her workout routine and body care, showed that she is in great shape for the summer and left those who passed by the beach of the Reserve, in the West Zone of Rio, where he photographed for the EGO, his chin dropped with his curves. Continue reading

Lingerie Bikini: 40 Models that Favor Silhouette!

That thought that overweight women should not wear bikinis was in the past for a lot of people. But many still feel like hiding on a walk to the beach or deny invitations to jump in the pool with shame of displaying the body. But fashion is there to help with the mission of raising self-esteem! Today there are “a thousand and one” bikini models for chubby ones that harmonize the silhouette, follow our post! Continue reading

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With the year-end approaching people start to plan your vacation and travel, with the most common destination.  Continue reading

Yes Post

Lately I have taken many pictures of panties, BRA, maillot.

And even post.

Why did I post? Continue reading

Bikini Operation: 22 Tips

A simple guide to follow during all the months of the beach where the body is more exposed Continue reading

Bikini Body for Summer Tips

J very shortly before the beach and your haunches are full of cellulite? Don’t cry, there is a solution!

In a few days, your holidays, mini-shorts, swimsuit, beach or afternoon pool with friends! Away from you rejoice, this perspective you anxiety somewhat… It’s that, thin or not, is here: you have cellulite. Continue reading

Underwear for New Years Eve

When we think of the new year, the first thoughts are often good intentions. I must change, I have to do better and I have to wean me. But what we actually really expect from the new year? What should happen in the future and, above all, by what trends?

The recurring in each generation’s resolutions accompanying people for several years changing. but succeeds only few implement them successfully and consistently. After 12 months are also a longer period than it is adopted at the beginning of the year. What is certain, however, the Abwechlungsreichtum comes to sexy fashion and desire is-bringing Adult toy.

The incoming time after Christmas cold months of January to about March and sometimes April and May promised ever a less sunny disposition. But what could lighten the mood? Of course, Love Toys always a pretty sure guarantee for more pleasure and relaxation. From vibrator to the Women’s favorite Womanizer everything is allowed that is fun. How else you should survive the winter even with the freezing temperatures?

Continue reading

Etam Swimwear Collection

It’s summer time, at least on paper, and it is inevitable that you think the sea and holidays. Have you already booked your? If by chance you find you were to spend the holidays in a Spanish resort town, or on the French Riviera, you will surely get a glimpse of the latest gimmick Etam, the famous French brand. The brand in fact just in the summer Vision has opened 10 pop up store, the “Etam Beach”, which as the name implies are entirely dedicated to the beach, in some of the most exclusive resorts in the two countries. Continue reading

Yamamay Bikini Reviews

Yamamay, Italian brand specialized in underwear male and female, presents his new collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2012 . Yamamay is a brand that has been able to draw upon if a lot of criticism, especially for the choice of the testimonial and collaborations not exactly spot on, but who knows if, with this collection of female costumes from the bathroom brand will receive positive or negative criticism. Let’s find out by looking at the photos in our gallery with all the costumes offered by Songaah.

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