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Law Requiring Bicycles in Public Places in Brasilia

The law has been in effect for five months now. They made the bicycle lanes but did not provide bike stands or supports to store the bicycle. Continue reading

Schuberth E1 Helmet Test: Comfortable Adventure

After almost a year of use, in various bikes and situations, we take stock of this helmet intended to face adventures, but always with great comfort.

It’s been about a year since I made the Schuberth E1 helmet. Over the course of this time, I have been rolling with him on various bikes and in practically every imaginable situation, from very hot days off road, to days of heavy rain and cold on asphalt.  Continue reading

Simple Tips for Choosing Bike Helmet

Hello, Bikers! You know the importance of the helmet in our rides – after all, it is a safety accessory practically indispensable, because if it falls, there will be no serious problems, since the head is a sensitive place of the body. (And, since you, Bikers, must be bald-headed, safe, and well-equipped, we already have a free kick to think and have fun with the pedal.) Continue reading

Use the Bike in Winter

With the arrival of autumn, and the winter there at the door, many bicycles tend to lie in a corner, waiting for spring.  But it does not have to be this way. Whether you use your bike for leisure, sports or in a utility context, as a means of transportation, you can continue pedaling even on cold or rainy days. With small adjustments to your usual equipment, you will see that it is a simple thing after all and that even in winter you do not need to take so many times in the car. Continue reading

The Invisible Helmet for Electric Bikes

The helmet is a kind of protective shell that is placed on the skull, but if you wear your neck? Of course it would not harm our hairstyles! So Hovding is born, an invisible ” helmet ” that will protect us from falling and keeps our hair intact. Continue reading

Tips on Sports Safety

There are a lot of athletes freedom?? Choosing the road. The only time of necessity and other times out much free will. It does not mean that the road often do not provide for it. Safety first?? But what should you do?

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Sean Kelly Bike

Bike culture: After his countless victories and his uncompromising dedication to the sport, Sean Kelly’s popularity on the Green Island be measured only with God. And as the man quickly and crass observes: it is Kelly who is wearing the leader’s Jersey in the duel.

Sean Kelly was one of the largest of the 1980s profiles within the sport of cycling. 193 WINS in professional races, is an impressive figure, that only Eddie Merckx can surpass.

One of the explanations for his greatness was the versatility, something that developed during the course of his career. He first became known as a sprinter by rank, but it soon proved that he had a wider range. He could orchestrate offshoots and clear mountain stages as well as any other cyclist. Continue reading

Lights on Road Bike

Holland is a dream country for every biker – a country known for its love of cycling, perfect cycling infrastructure at all – one of the most peaceful places in the world for cycling. Country of tulips does not lie on their laurels and constantly organizes campaigns that increase road safety.

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Classic Bicycle Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important components in our bikes, either walking, urban mountain … We can ride safely and beable to stop in time to avoid traffic accidents, avoid an object in the ground or simply out more comfortably a traffic light. There are different types of brake and each has its pros and cons, brakes v-brakes or calipper are the most widespread in urban bikes because of its simplicity, good performance and low maintenance. Gradually, the disc brake is being implemented in urban high -end bikes, they offer the best braking power market, but carry more maintenance than conventional brakes. All brakes need basic maintenance, the greater the complexity of the mechanism will be greater braking maintenance.

We’ll detail the types of bicycle brake with its advantages and disadvantages as mentioned on Zipcodesexplorer.

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How to Choose the Right Cover

Tires are one of the most essential parts of our bicycle, they are responsible to keep us glued to the ground, amortiguarnos of small imperfections firm, providing comfort and ride quality.

Tires are the only contact points of the bike to the ground, for that very reason, to put it in some way, are your feet while you’re on the bike, so it is necessary to choose a tire that perfectly suits your needs , urban, mountain biking, road, mixed cargo-bike …

Then we explain each step in detail and their equivalents.


There are three ways to measure the covers.

-system ETRTO

-system English (inches)

-system French

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Bike Crankset

The crankset is one of the components of bicycle most important of the bike, together with the bottom bracket and pedals allow our force applied to the leg movement is transmitted to the chain and therefore the pinion or rear cassette in order to move the wheel, so that whole set of bicycle components is known as Transmission and is crucial to pay attention to the quality of these parts.

You have to take into account the use you’re going to give the connecting rods and the diameter of the plate, defined by the number of teeth, the number of plates and connecting rod length determines the intensity of the pedal stroke, also make sure compatibility with bottom bracket box or as it may be square, cotter or other systems.

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