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10 Super Beautiful Autumn Coats

When it is cooler outside again, we need a cozy and stylish companion.we have picked out ten great models for the nachshoppen for you.
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My Mummy’s Belly: This Is How A Belly Looks Like After Pregnancy

“Hey, are you pregnant?” A colleague asked me, smiling happily. “Nope, I’m so fat!” I would have sunk in the ground before. So she looked around inside the next hole, into which she can disappear …
Thick baby babies are duly accused and pictured, but what does it actually look like with the belly after pregnancy and birth? Is the real #afterbabybody so perfectly trained and slender as it’s celebrities, instagram posers and magazines?
I’ll show you an untimely selection of bellies – thick, thin, immaculate, imperfect, with kaiserschnittnarbe or without, smooth, striped, pierced, tattooed … Hauptache, there was already a baby in it: Continue reading