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Women’s Ties

Of course. The tendency to masculinize the figure and the aspect of the woman is more present than ever. At Madrid Fashion Week we saw how many of the proposals revolved towards the masculine style, where oversized garments like pants were a constant. Continue reading

Le Corset Minceur in All Its Forms

1 / Corset?Corset Slimming?What’s this?

We will deal here with a subject that has been a little controversial in recent months is the famous ” slimming corset ” or more commonly called the “waist training” or waist size. Continue reading

10 Super Beautiful Autumn Coats

When it is cooler outside again, we need a cozy and stylish companion.we have picked out ten great models for the nachshoppen for you.
Continue reading

{PHOTO} Day 1 – Shows a, Victor Dzenk and Patbo

This edition of the SPFW started very well, was accompanied by Lili Monari, my partner throughout the event. We arrived and then we meet the event between us the last 3 editions was the decor that I liked most, smooth, fun and the food trucks with the lights off, it was amazing. Continue reading

My Mummy’s Belly: This Is How A Belly Looks Like After Pregnancy

“Hey, are you pregnant?” A colleague asked me, smiling happily. “Nope, I’m so fat!” I would have sunk in the ground before. So she looked around inside the next hole, into which she can disappear …
Thick baby babies are duly accused and pictured, but what does it actually look like with the belly after pregnancy and birth? Is the real #afterbabybody so perfectly trained and slender as it’s celebrities, instagram posers and magazines?
I’ll show you an untimely selection of bellies – thick, thin, immaculate, imperfect, with kaiserschnittnarbe or without, smooth, striped, pierced, tattooed … Hauptache, there was already a baby in it: Continue reading