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Showers For Bathrooms, A Good Choice

Always we talk about the need to win meters in the interiors of our homes and the need to save meters using our decorations only the necessary elements. And in the bathroom there is an element with which we can win many meters: the shower. Continue reading

Seven Things You Have to Do to Get You in a Good Mood

Every day the alarm clock sounds an inhuman hour. Every day you gruñes, groan and pray for a minute more of paradise. Get up is always done so uphill… But according to sleep experts, rise each morning with energy It is just a matter of a few small habits. Continue reading

Bathroom with Bathtub: Tips, Photos

Learn how to choose the best model of tub into the bathroom and check out a selection of photos for inspiration. Continue reading

Bathroom Decoration in Green

Go for the green in the bathroom! Green is an ideal color to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere at the same time that brings refreshing and natural touch to the stay. Continue reading

Self Adhesive Wall Tiles

The self-adhesive wall tile helps revamp a bathroom or kitchen in record time.This solution is particularly suitable if you do not feel you jump in wholesale DIY jobs.

Let’s see the benefits of this trend wall covering and at what price you can find it.

Self Adhesive Wall Tiles: Description

The self-adhesive wall tile is like a sticker, although he is not one. It is in the form of flexible plates, often between 20 and 50 cm square dimensions, and 1 to 2 mm thick.

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Different Types of Wallpaper Adhesive

There are not as paint and wallpaper as wall coverings: an adhesive coating that sticks to the wall odorless wallpaper glue is an attractive alternative. At various reasons imitation stone or wood, posters, frieze with or without a message, the diversity of wall adhesives coatings allows everyone to decorate, embellish and customize its interior or without special technical tool.

What is termed the right wall of adhesive coating and for what he uses is designed? How to choose and what budget devote? All answers in our article.

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The Best Lighting for Bathroom

The lighting in the bathroom needs to fulfill several requirements. In the morning it is as bright as possible, to look in the mirror is glare-free lighting is desired. Finally, should still fit the mood. A single lamp is therefore not usually sufficient.

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Spas and Hot Tubs for Indoor and Outdoor Relaxation

There are spa products recommended for indoor and outdoor areas.

Relax and rest the body and mind are essential care to maintain emotional and physical balance on a daily basis. You can count on the tubs, spas and hot tubs for this mission. There are indoor and external products with different sizes and models, with and without whirlpool. Check out our tips on each piece, write down everything you need to know and buy your favorite model. Enjoy the offers online with the best payment terms and unbeatable prices.

Internal area

Installing a bathtub is one of the most compelling choices to ensure their well-being on a daily basis. After all, contact with water brings numerous health benefits, such as increased blood flow. There are options on the market with and without whirlpool. To improve the performance of products, consider purchasing some accessories, such as heaters that keep warm water throughout the bath and help relax the body. There is also the hydromassage jets (to relieve muscle tension), the system of bubbles (which helps fight stress) and chromotherapy (method that provides wellness through color shades). After knowing these benefits, choose the size, shape and the ability to cater more to your needs. Continue reading

Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

In the conventional products, there are other versions. Check it!

The purchase of the toilet involves careful planning, since the choice of the piece must be done according to the design of the bathroom and the needs of users. Because there are different models on the market, the decision needs to be even more careful for a sure buy.

Considered one of the most economical option, the toilet box with attached has a certain amount of water in the tank, ranging up to six liters, which allows for less water usage. To the list of benefits, sum up the option with dual drive. Sustainable, the product has two buttons: one intended for liquids, releasing three liters of water, and the other, facing the solid flow releasing six liters of water.

Model that takes up less space by not having the attached box, the conventional toilet has independent discharge (wall-mounted). It is ideal for use in small washrooms. Before purchasing the vessel, however, watch out a few points of attention, as the hydraulic structure of the house. Be concerned to know precisely the extent of the bathroom sewer pipe to identify if there is compatibility with the sanitary bowl. Continue reading

Save Water with Toilet Water Box

Toilet model has versions with dual drive to meet different needs

Choose the toilet model is an important moment not only for the bathroom composition but also to the economy of water – a subject that has become a priority given the current water crisis that the country is experiencing. For these reasons, consider purchasing the toilets with attached box.

Compared to the valve designs, this version is more economical because it has a certain amount of water in the reservoir (6 reaches liters).

The wall discharge model can be activated as needed by the user, with no water limit to be released. So, if triggered by six seconds, this model can spend up to 14 liters. If the discharge is used eight times a day, the consumer has already reached the amount of daily water indicated by the United Nations (UN), which is 110 liters per person. Continue reading