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Backpack 30 Sprint: the Forgotten Jewel

It is August 31, waning moon. It sounds the alarm when still has not left the Sun. Light breakfast and I head to the living room.Last night I left everything ready, so I grabbed my backpack and I’m going to the car, heading to the Pyrenees. Continue reading

Women’s Backpacks Le Postiche: Models and Where to Buy

Women’s backpacks Le Postiche: models and where to buy

The Backpacks are increasingly needed items on a daily basis. Very practical, they allow you to bring school materials, excursions and even objects to work with comfort and versatility, why are the darlings of young people and adults. Continue reading

Backpacks and Cases, New Collection, Design Characters and Colors


Backpacks and Cases 2012, New Collection, Design Characters and Colors 2012 Continue reading

Backpacks Capricho: Models, Where to Buy

When the end of the holiday begins to approach, the madness to buy the school materials also begins and the parents leave together with the children in search of the best options, that please both the child, and the parents themselves in question of price and durability. Despite not being the children who pay, the choice most often stays in their hands that always have a favorite brand or character, girls mainly, always look for the most delicate and feminine materials and so love the materials of Caprice. Continue reading

Kipling School Backpacks

Providing a backpack always helps us organize our school supplies, follow some tips referring to the Kipling brand famous in the market for offering quality products and also very resistant in that they can find something that lasts for a long time, we will also offer some Prices and models. Continue reading

Back to School – Tips For the Proper Use of Backpacks and Bags

With the arrival of 2017, a new cycle of school year begins and it is necessary to pay attention not only in class, but also on your health! The weight of the books, notebooks, agenda and other school materials inside the backpacks and bags must be tempered in order to prevent serious problems arise in the health of children and young people.

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The Four Levels of a Backpacker

The preparation of the luggage (backpack) for my last trip in the south of Argentina was born with a basic criterion, based on my not so bulky experience, but above all, therefore read on hundreds of blogs and forums for backpackers: the idea was Carry as little as possible of what we think possible, because evidently, the backpack can become our worst enemy during a trip. Continue reading

Physical Therapy Tips For Correct Use of the School Backpack

Heavy backpacks or with the handles too loose can cause pain and postural deviations, especially during the growth phase. It is recommended that the weight of the backpack is equal to or less than 10% of the weight of the child.

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Trend Tip Bag: Backpacks Are Again Suitable For Everyday Use!

Back pack is back. Finally a trend which is really practical and even back-friendly: the Pack is back. He not only on the catwalks or blogs, but also on our roads is common with old acquaintances from the 90s to see. Let us remember the fashion sins our youth: not to mention the lumberjack shirt – platform shoes, Bell-Bottoms (best of course in pink), Tattookette, shirts and sweaters with colorful Comicprints, Yes, all the fashion trends are back. Kinda weird, but somehow also incredibly cool. And there is the szene – and trend-conscious followers, also known as hipsters who are setting trends, from the simple backpack hipster backpack. Continue reading

Paul and His Deuter Backpack

We in the bag Department see every day so many bags, backpacks, purses, trolleys, travel bags and, and, and. Logically, as the one or the other copy particularly well like us. Even better if we need exactly this piece of jewelry in the bag collection. And we confess: for most of us the bag collection is slightly larger. Therefore, it is high time to introduce the favorite pockets of the bag department store employees here once. Continue reading

Hunter Knife and Knife Police-Cheetah

Knives are essential items in camping and outdoor activities. Are very useful in time to build a campfire, prepare food, build a natural shelter and even to cut a cord.

There are knives of various sizes and shapes and that I will present today have ideal size to be loaded into belts, backpacks or purses. These are two knives Cheetah brand I’ve acquired recently for use in outdoor activities, the Police and the Hunter. Continue reading

Problems Caused by Heavy School Backpacks

Some bulk more than them, that is easily verifiable, just take a spin through the door of any College at the time of entry or at the exit.
Yes, today we stop to see the dimensions of the backpacks of school and especially the weight and what it means on the backs of our children. Continue reading

Sleeping Bag for Outdoors

Because of an accident or a sudden deterioration in the weather conditions, which suggests to terminate the path, or because they simply got lost and is no longer able to orientate, a trekker can be forced to have to spend a night outdoors.

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Quechua S0 Ultralight Test

Test the sleeping bag Quechua Ultralight S0 during a wee-kend hike in the Bauges. With a temperature dropped to 4 ° C, the sleeping bag was tested under optimum conditions. Verdict.

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Guide to Find the Perfect Sleeping Bag

How should be the perfect sleeping bag for your needs? Read our guide, you will find some guidelines to help you choose the right design, avoiding unnecessarily spend money on a product then you may regret. To further facilitate the choice, you can also read the chart below with customer reviews of sleeping bags rated by users and which we have selected from the many available on the market. In case you don’t have time, here are the first two described briefly: 10T Canoodle whilst is a model for two and most consumers find it convenient, comfortable and very solid. Coleman Hampton Double is a viable alternative between double sleeping bags. Made with quality materials, has also the zipper along the entire perimeter to facilitate entry.

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Leather and Canvas Backpack

The authentic style and adventurer backpack canvas and leather as street trend.

Fashionable ready to wear often has a knack for recycling trends, materials and styles. The backpack canvas and leather is one of those once highly specialized accessories that have gradually integrated the leather designer collections and lifestyle of many amateurs bags.

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Josh Antonym Backpack

As a big fan of backpacks, I’m constantly looking for new models to complete my collection. Today, I am interested in a brand of bags leather, cotton and wool all simply canon: antonym. The origin of this line of leather goods: the creators of Nat & Nin, Nathalie and friends. Two sisters who were won very early by the passion of the leather. Indeed, when they create Nat & Nin in 2005, they have only 19 and 25 years old. Children already, the two sisters spent their days in the Parisian workshop of their parents, master leather workers then working for famous French houses. Very quickly, Word-of-mouth has had its effect and the designers share in the capital through the creation of quality, timeless and colorful pieces.

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Information about Skydiving Sport

Skydiving, also known as skydiving, is a sport where people jump out of a plane at a certain height and acrobatic moves in free fall.When the parachute opened to stop the free fall in a peaceful way to set foot on land again safely. Skydiving is considered an extreme sport that requires a lot of courage, but also gives you a tremendous adrenaline rush.

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The North Face Casimir 32 Backpack

Mountain Bag / Hiking

I start seeing a number of backpacking in this intermediate category of 30-35 liters, in particular for having achieved a comparison of 12 backpacks last year.
This model offers The North Face me, on behalf Casimir who remember the island children, seems quite attractive on paper for me to embark with me on my next trip. The bag is mixed typed hiking / Alpi.

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