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Pimp Your Iphone

The cult of the iPhone means: more and more manufacturers and developers offer funny or useful accessories and handy software tools for the Apple phone. We show how you put the finishing touches to your iPhone. Continue reading

No Net! Curious Sim Lock on the Iphone 6 Plus

So a new iPhone 6 is already great. I thought to myself. Until I sat insane in the train and the SIM card suddenly with a short message on the display is useless. Is the unexpected SIM lock in the iPhone 6 Plus a curious individual case? Continue reading

[iWatch] Apple Hires the Sales Director of TAG Heuer

A long time ago is speculating that Apple is working on a smart watch, talk about it here in iPadDicas at various times, the last time was exactly one week when we told you how the company had hired Alex Hsieh, an expert on dress up accessories. Continue reading

Samsung Gets Help in the Patent Dispute with Apple

About the patent war between Samsung and Apple is in fact already much, if not everything has been said. Time wins the one, sometimes the other. But how things are developing now is really interesting, and we do not want to deprive you of any way. Continue reading

Apple Ipad Pro with 9.7 Inch Instead of Ipad Air 3?

Yesterday we reported on the upcoming iPad Air 3, today the world looks quite different. As Mark Gurman of 9To5Mac reports, a small Apple iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and Pencil is more likely. Continue reading

Microsoft Prepares Windows 8 for Tablets

Well, the name is not yet defined.

But it is inevitable for Microsoft’s survival to immediately launch a Windows version for tablets. Continue reading

Google Launches Smart Watches and Fitness Platform

After US manufacturer Apple introduced the Health application, capable of collecting and displaying data such as sleep quality, calorie count, heart rate and blood pressure, Google, its main rival, did not leave it cheap and showed the world a new Alternative for those who enjoy using technology as an ally of their training. Continue reading

Launch of New iPads May be Delayed by Problems in Chip Production

Since the announcement of the iPhones 7 , we have begun to hear a lot more about TSMC-one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, but usually with its more hidden name. It turns out that she is solely responsible for the production of the Apple A10 chips used in Apple’s smartphones … And that exclusivity should last for a long time. Continue reading

Fitness Center” a Possible New Sports Application of Apple Patent

According to PatentlyApple, Apple would be developing an application sports with social nuances and clearly intended to facilitate and encourage the user to practice any sports activity to improve your fitness. Continue reading

Hannspree Presents Its Intelligent Sports Watch Watch

Fashion is still in the beginning but the watchword is … Wearables! That’s right, you do not have any, do you? Okay, but it will have, do not do this face, the consumption is in charge of placing an arm in the arm, in the pocket, in the head or in the chest and of course, we bet you will love to know the quality of your sleep !!! Continue reading

The First Smart Phone Called Simon [Wallpaper]

The iPhone may have been a catalyst, but it saw the light of day 15 years after the world’s first smartphone.

20 years ago as the first smartphone in the world the light of day. The company behind was International Business Machines Corp., which is probably known better by its acronym IBM, and it was a look out in the future, as has become our present. It meant, however, that it was an unqualified success.

Although IBM Simon Personal Communicator, which is the full name, was the major topic of conversation during a Technology Conference in Las Vegas in 1992, it was foreseen that Simon had to reach out to consumers in May 1994, but it was not until the 16th.August ‘ 94, that it is the first time be able to get your hands on a copy.  Continue reading

Tip: Here Is the Photographers’ Top 20 of Photo Apps for Your Phone

If you are a diligent photographer on the go, you can probably benefit from these photo apps recommended by professionals.

The camera in the cool smartphones can undoubtedly make most amateur photographers happy when profile picture on Facebook to be updated. However, there may still be a little editing work before selfie’en is ready for upload.

Here will most probably quick app-get lost in the jungle, which offers an unmanageable number of photo apps, each with their pros and cons. Which one should you choose? Continue reading

Apple Is Considering Still iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 comes in two versions are as good as probably, but Apple says there might not be any iPhone 6.

An official from Thailand has confirmed that the next iPhone will come in 2 versions, but that information is leaked Apple, who now have no hats said that iPhone 6 may not come.

Apple has sent a delegation to the NBTC in Thailand, where the acknowledgement came from, to talk to the man behind it and express his discontent, and as an example of the fact that there was too much information out, has the Apple folks let tell you that iPhone 6 might not be the name.
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Can I use a USB cable to connect 2 USB 3 device to my computer?

Yes, if the cable end may be connected to the connector on the device. However, since the USB cable 2 has fewer internal cables, you will not get the speeds offered by USB 3 ports, and power may be limited to 500 mA.

Solving problems with USB devices 3 on your Mac

See the information below to resolve problems you may encounter when using USB 3 devices with your Mac.

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HTC Smartwatch

Two important HTC executives leave the company before the launch of its smartwatch in September

It seems that HTC also climb on the bandwagon of smartwatch and will in a few months as pointed the latest information reaching us about the plans of the company. Apparently HTC is preparing to unveil its first smart watch in the coming months, with September the most ballots is due to the celebration of the IFA technology fair held every year in Berlin.

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Apple Goes over to the Chinese Data Center

In the wake of the controversy about the relationship between Apple and the Chinese authorities move Apple now data center.

Reuters writes that Apple has started using China Telecom’s data centers for storage of data for some of its Chinese customers, and this is the first time Apple uses servers physically located in the vast Asian country.

According to a statement from Apple in order to increase the speed and reliability about iCloud, the Americans will take China Telecom’s servers to store data from China.  Continue reading

LG with Subtle Teasing

It need not be a large-scale advertising campaign for the major mobile manufacturers can tease each other

The war in the advertisements between Apple and Samsung are now quite well documented, and other companies have since also wanted to be with. One of them is LG, which dots to Samsung on YouTube.

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Ritot Smart Watch

Ritot is a smart bracelet capable of projecting different images on the back of our hand

The world smartwatch is still in launch phase and will remain in that state until the i Watch Apple promising Moto 360 or make an appearance. Meanwhile, existing devices do not seem too convincing users, especially those most detached from technological world. So today we bring Ritot, a device that could globalizing it within wearables and more specifically in the category of Smart Band.

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Apple also on Trend with the Cold Rinse

Marketing Officer challenged the Apple boss Tim Cook, who is now on video have been poured a bucket of water down isskold over them.

Yesterday we told on the mobile site, the Microsoft boss gets a bucket of cold water in order to support the ALS Association in the United States, which helps in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The challenge, which has already been passed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, are also sent to both Jeff Bezos, who is in charge of the Amazon, and Google’s Larry Page. Continue reading

Smartwatch Samsung Gear 2

The Gear 2 Solo incorporate a slot for the SIM card and to make and receive phone calls

Samsung has decided to go with a firm step in this market wearables devices. At this point, the South Koreans have already introduced 3 products on the market that correspond to this new category and are the Gear 1st generation, 2nd generation Gear and Gear Fit bracelet sport.

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Microsoft Smartwatch

A Patent Discloses how the Company Might look next Microsoft Smart Watch

It is obvious that all companies are preparing thoroughly his move to take the largest possible piece of cake from emerging market for wearables devices .While there are some who have shown their move (Samsung and Gear Fit, for example), there are still others by breaking into this market as Apple or Microsoft.

Apple plans and iWatch know very little so far beyond the possible functions identified by industry analysts, but Microsoft could have shown a powerful clue about the design of its next smartwatch. A new patent filed under the name of “electronic band” and published last March 25 is the best track on the intentions of Microsoft and its smart watch.

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Lenovo Is Really a Smartphone Maker

For the first time ever have Chinese Lenovo sold more phones than computers.

Lenovo is here in Denmark, best known as a manufacturer of computers, but especially at home in China, it also goes well on the mobile front. In fact, things are going so well that Lenovo for the first time has sold more phones than computers.

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So Easy Answer You a Disruptive Call with Sms on Windows Phone (TIP)

If you can’t answer it disturbing mobile calls, so you can quickly send an sms instead of Windows Phones.

The phone is with us everywhere, and most modern smartphone users are, to a certain extent, also available in 24 hours. But even if your phone is safely buried in the Pocket, then it is not in any way imply that we are ready to take it if the rings.

For sometimes the time just inappropriate. our site. when the dankort is put in the net’s terminal, or when you’ve just met an old school friend in the pedestrian zone. Press reject, so many will perceive it as an error, and again disrupting your life with yet a call shortly after. Continue reading