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Product Review: Nokia E71-Part 2

The QWERTZ-Alleskönner?
Keyboard: The full QWERTY keyboard of the Nokia E71, I dedicate a separate chapter, because here Nokia has done all the work and designed a phone that is pleasantly compact and can hardly be described as a second phone. Even my beloved Blackberrys do not come here. The keyboard of the Nokia is small and the keys are very close together, but by a pleasant rounding they can be used more purposefully. After the first few dozen emails, the blind flight via the keyboard is no longer a problem, even with bigger fingers like I have. The pressure point is also very pleasant, fatigue symptoms of the hands I can not determine when typing. Continue reading

How to Find the Right 3D Printer

Are you interested in a 3D printer? Then you will find in the guide the right device to immerse in the three-dimensional world. Continue reading

Six Useful Apps To Go Camping

You are already planning your next holiday in a tent? You can not miss these applications to your mobile, to help you organize and enjoy the trip. Continue reading

Tip: Here Is the Photographers’ Top 20 of Photo Apps for Your Phone

If you are a diligent photographer on the go, you can probably benefit from these photo apps recommended by professionals.

The camera in the cool smartphones can undoubtedly make most amateur photographers happy when profile picture on Facebook to be updated. However, there may still be a little editing work before selfie’en is ready for upload.

Here will most probably quick app-get lost in the jungle, which offers an unmanageable number of photo apps, each with their pros and cons. Which one should you choose? Continue reading

All Windows Phone Developers Can Now Respond to App-Reviews

Windows Phone developers now have the ability to respond to users on review of their app, positive as well as negative.

Microsoft announced a few days ago that all Windows Phone developers now will be able to respond to positive and negative criticism of their applications directly from the Windows Dev Center. The company opened the first of this option back in april where you could respond to reviews written from a Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 entity, but the option was only available in the United States.

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Humble Bundle Finally Gets New Android Application

New Humble Bundle application makes it extremely easy to keep track of his purchases through the Humble Bundle, both of games, music and e-books.

Most who follow the mobile site will know of the Humble Bundle and their package deals of various games for computers and not at least Android phones.

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Vektio Gets High School Students up at the Right Time

A new Danish app will find out for yourself whether to up now, or whether there is cancelled timer, so you can sleep for a long time.

It is always annoying to get up and then find out that you could have slept longer, but the problem is that advice for if you go to high school, and we can thank a new Danish app for.

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Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone.

They can be a lot, the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features that they offer.

Every Saturday opstøver our site therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-so you get the chic back in your smartphone.

Keep an eye on your children’s physical movements and surfing on the Internet with apps for Windows Phone. Continue reading

The Best Apps for Running

There are more and better programs available for people wanting to go on. These programs did not keep pace with the speed and distance, but also has many more features. Sometimes you have paid. The most popular ap Nike + Runner. Other popular programs include Runkeeper, Endomondo and Runstatic. All of these programs can be downloaded in various app stores. Read all about it in this article. In the Netherlands, more and more people begin to run. It has become quite a craze. They therefore also need a matching outfit. It is, among other things, good clothes and good hiking shoes. It is also important to pay attention to diet. Many also want to know how fast they are driving. Now it is easy to measure because there are plenty of programs that can be of service to the runner. These programs can be installed on the smartphone and is then connected to a satellite. In this way can be traced, such as rate and the time during which a person is running. Often, the statistics can also be viewed online later,

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Samsung Buys Internet of Things-Company

The Koreans have been on procurement, and this time it’s the thing to the smart home, which stands on the purchase slip.

Samsung’s doing, as we know, not just mobile phones and tablets, they’re doing mostly electronics, and therefore, they have just bought the company SmartThings, which develops controllers to things at home.

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Endomondo Ready for Gear Fit and Gear 2

The Danish app Endomondo has expanded its range and can now be used on Samsung’s Gear Fit and Gear 2.

Then there is good news for those who would like to have on-the-go and at the same time with Endomondo may call themselves the owners of a Samsung Gear Fit or Gear 2 -they can now talk together.

In the latest version of the Endomondos app will be on Gear Fit and Gear 2 be able to view its data during the run, nor will it be possible to start and stop his workout directly from the wrist. Continue reading

Tip Commune with Your Phone [Tip]

Missing snerydningen? or penetrates the cycle path for overlapping? Then you can give the municipality message with this app.

If the asphalt is missing on the bike path, trees topples over pavement or snerydningen is missing, it is now easier to predict the municipality. With a few clicks in the app ‘give a hint’ gives you the municipality direct message.

It is not more difficult than sending than picture message. In ‘give a hint’ takes a photo of the problem, after which category and comment will be mapped. GPS coordinates downloaded automatically and the municipality now know exactly what and where to paste. Continue reading