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A Charming Girl Room with Touches of Color

I haven’t shared a transformation, and today I got one that is perfect since it’s very inspiring. First, because it is a small space, very similar to what we mortals have in house. Second, because it was made with simple changes and creative solutions, low cost (i.e., what we all want). Third, the result is incredible. Continue reading

Avoid the Hassles in the Early Days Of the Gym

With This Primer, No One Suspects That You Never Set Foot There

The first big step you’ve already taken: you left your laziness aside and enrolled in a gym. The problem now is to face the new world that awaits you, full of people healed and accustomed to the practice of exercises. To help you tackle the gadgets, classes and even shyness when entering an unfamiliar environment, My Life ran after an expert on the subject and set up a primer for beginners in the workout. Continue reading

Clothes for Dogs

Many people consider their pets as real children. Thus, nothing more appropriate than wear the puppies with clothes for sightseeing or to stay at home. Who likes this canine fashion finds in a few trade shows and pet shops a paradise, with clothes for dogs of various styles, sizes and fabrics. For females there are dresses with ruffled blouses, sweatpants and even raincoats. For males it is also possible to find sweaters, raincoats and T-shirts. Continue reading

Female Hat Models

Despite having fallen into disuse in some places, the truth is that the hat never went out of style. Continue reading

Fashion Necklaces

Maxi Beads-2013 Summer Trend

Spring begins next week and with it comes the anxiety by warmer weather and a half-season. No more boots, coats and scarves, women want to show. And as the most pleasant climate the year the clothes are fresh and open space, guaranteeing to the accessories. No naked neck, we want maxi necklaces. Continue reading

Learn How to Use Scarves as Accessory This Winter

When winter comes, everything changes in our closet and in the way we dress.Even the accessories we use tend to be changed, doesn’t it? This time of year, we end up investing more in parts in warm and let the look comfortable. Who does well this role are the handkerchiefs, scarves and pashminas. Check out how to use this type of accessory: Continue reading

5 Styling Tips on How to Wear the Fashion Classic

It belongs in every woman’s wardrobe: the little black . But whoever thinks that it can only be worn in the evening or on special occasions is wrong!  Continue reading

Accessories for Brides Wear on Their Wedding Day


Tips For Brides

On the wedding day, all what the bride wants most is to be very pretty and garnished, but this desire often can end up in a “disastrous”, that is, the combination of items that do not go well together and excess. Accessories are indispensable to make the look on this day, but you have to know how to combine them what is being currently used. Check out some tips: Continue reading

Earcuff Fashion Accessories

Earrings Attached-New “It” Accessory

Accessories ceased to exercise your original function and become essential in any look.  Continue reading

Accessories in Autumn

Knitted scarves, ylleslipsar and leather gloves. Fall is full of lovely accessories. For further guidance in this jungle of accessories, here are some inspiration. Continue reading

Vintage Hat and the Charm of an Era!

Meet the model that has made women’s heads for over a century. Continue reading

Sweater, It’s Trend!

Following on the trend lines for winter another piece who comes with everything is the Sweater, now more elaborate and full of promise promise to win over women during the season, was one of the pieces that most caught the attention in the parade of SPFW (São Paulo Fashion Week). Continue reading

Tops and Flops: Oscars

And the Oscar goes to… The star studded could have hardly any bigger: Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, and Penélope Cruz & co. came to the 82nd ceremony of the Oscars at the Kodak Theatre to Los Angeles. Our fashionable tops and flops! Go to the Slideshow: the Oscar winner Continue reading

[iWatch] Apple Hires the Sales Director of TAG Heuer

A long time ago is speculating that Apple is working on a smart watch, talk about it here in iPadDicas at various times, the last time was exactly one week when we told you how the company had hired Alex Hsieh, an expert on dress up accessories. Continue reading

Champion Watches Jelly Bracelets

The Champion is one of the most famous brands of watches in the world, present in several countries the brand makes success wherever he goes and could not be different here in Brazil. Innovation is one of the strengths of the Champion, so the company has just launched the line of your Champion watches jelly bracelets accompanying all this wave of clothes and colorful visuals rescued the years 80, follow follow our information and be sure to be in fashion with another accessory to compose your look. Continue reading

Trend Bags Advertised

Remember that time that the maxibolsas had priority in the hour of the purchase of a  new bag? They have long been preferred to fit everything in and a little more, but, things change and one of the changes seen in parades, and soon in the windows of several stores, are the size of these accessories . Continue reading

Women’s Handbags and Cases for Notebook and Tablet

Fashion and Beauty-Not1

Women’s Handbags and Cases for Notebook and Tablet, Tips and Models Continue reading

Westwing Guide to pink Lighting

How about beautifying the desk or desk with a beautiful pink lamp? A small detail applied to the finish of a simple accessory can make all the difference in the aesthetics of an interior. In many cases, betting on an accessory with distinctive or distinctive design is enough to bring fresh air to the décor and enhance the style of the space. Fine and functional, the lighting complements the decoration of the rooms and enhances the lighting. Continue reading

Dog Crying-What to Do to Stop Crying Puppies

 [Video] Dog crying-what can it be?

As we have already said in the article How to get the dog to stop crying, there are basic 3 Laws that must be followed so that your puppy understands the following:

  • He has not been abandoned;
  • He’s not alone;
  • He’s safe.

If he’s not crying for physical reasons, that is, if he is not ill, with fever, with some kind of parasite, with an infection or machucadura, he necessarily is crying for one of these three causes. Continue reading

Doubt to Buy New Headset? Understand Accessory Details

The headset is an indispensable accessory for some users, whether to spend time in traffic or even to exercise.However, when buying a device, several questions may arise with the numerous specifications and features that the devices offer. Continue reading

How to Wear Cufflinks

How to Wear Cufflinks?

First, know that you can not wear cufflinks with any shirt. Indeed, it should be provided with the so-called French cuffs. These have buttonholes on both their parts, which allows to insert the cufflink.

Continue reading

Marshop Launches New Line Of Men’s Bracelets And Necklaces

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) OOPS, have to Release today Coriander? And Male Accessories? That’s right? That’s right! haha the Marshop give the guys here in the male fashion for presenting your new line of bracelets and Necklaces for men, with 12 news in accessories.

Continue reading

6 Alternatives To Decorate Walls With Class

If you see your walls emptier than Donald Trump’s list of good ideas, you’re in luck. Because the variety of wall decorating accessories we have today is so complex that I would need an interpretation center. Continue reading