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Vintage Fashion Through Its Concept And Functionality

by: Miroslava Landeros

Alexia Ulibarri is fashion through its concept and functionality. After forming as a designer at The London College of Fashion, Marangoni and some courses at Central Saint Martins, he returned to Mexico in 2008 looking for generating a brand with which to identify itself to today’s woman. Continue reading

Sean Kelly Bike

Bike culture: After his countless victories and his uncompromising dedication to the sport, Sean Kelly’s popularity on the Green Island be measured only with God. And as the man quickly and crass observes: it is Kelly who is wearing the leader’s Jersey in the duel.

Sean Kelly was one of the largest of the 1980s profiles within the sport of cycling. 193 WINS in professional races, is an impressive figure, that only Eddie Merckx can surpass.

One of the explanations for his greatness was the versatility, something that developed during the course of his career. He first became known as a sprinter by rank, but it soon proved that he had a wider range. He could orchestrate offshoots and clear mountain stages as well as any other cyclist. Continue reading

Material Used to Make Jeans

Common to all the jeans that are manufactured, they are made of a so-called twill weave. One can say that this is a subcategory of woven fabrics but it has a number of characteristics. Woven fabrics, to begin with, include fabrics constructed of yarn from two directions intertwine.The yarn that runs horizontally along the fabric called weft yarns while passing vertically called warp. The denim is the vertical warp that is colored while the weft is usually colorless; It is partly this that gives denim its prominent diagonal appearance. The other and main reason denims diagonal appearance, the aforementioned kypertvävens construction. On the left is illustrated the construction of twill weave denim is made of; the black boxes symbolizing the colored vertical warp and the white of the undyed weft.

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How to Accessorize Jeggings?

Yet once again, the only limit in terms of accessory rest imagination!

Thanks to their effect jean, the jeggings adapt very easily to all kinds of accessory, the choice will depend only on the style of the outfit we have chosen.

About the shoes: style ‘shirt wide and tank top’, flats or sneakers canvas will do the trick.

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