Symbolism of Solitaire Ring

You have coveted this ring when your days shopping now that adorns your finger, you can not leave. Marriage proposals have been made, discover that it is truly symbolic of the solitaire ring, commonly known as the engagement ring.

Symbolism of Solitaire Ring

The solitaire ring: a history dating back to Roman times

This ring full of promises, including that of committing for life, has a special history that dates back many centuries. In Roman times already, men wanted to show their commitment to a woman and want to commit to living with it through a symbol.

It was with an iron ring that they were asked to union with their dear and loving, up until the Middle Ages. The ring then symbolizes endless love, not because of its discontinuous round shape symbolizing eternity.

The choice of the left hand is also well thought out because it is in the ring finger of that hand that pass a vein directly connecting the heart. Although this theory is contradicted by science today, we still like to believe it!

To see appear the most glamorous engagement rings, it was not until the late fifteenth century. Indeed, the first solitary rings set with diamond emerge and become widespread. This stone symbolizes love and admiration that a man carries a woman.

Renaissance allowed the solitaire ring from turning. It is no longer composed only of a diamond, but many. It is then called the accompanied solo.

Besides, if it is called solitaire, it’s not because there is only one diamond. This is the specific form that was given to the stone after his waist which earned him the name.

The solitaire ring today

The solitaire ring has not lost over the years. It is always present in the traditions of marriage even if the engagement ceremony is less fashionable. The ring can be gold, silver or platinum. Symbol of purity, the diamond has a major advantage: its strength.

Indeed, known as unbreakable, it will face all tests! We still bet and still on sobriety, a chic ring but discreet which will fit easily with the future alliance.

In fact, today, many jewelers directly designing “packages”engagement ring and alliance in order to have continuity in the jewelry worn by Madame. Token of love for life, the value of this ring proves the desire of man to cherish his bride.

However, if Monsieur has still not decided to offer it to you, do not worry too much! Some prefer to live unconditional love without formalize publicly.

The solitaire ring: diamond, but not that!

Other versions engagement rings exist and provide a symbolic another depending on the selected stone. Indeed, one can see the finger of some brides a ring sporting a sapphire, a ruby or an emerald.

In terms of sapphire, this gem is typically for sentimental. It evokes happiness, sincerity and faithfulness. Its bright blue color recalls the sky or the sea.

Ruby and its red color symbolizes passion, love and victory. Preferred ring by the passionate, acquisition require still a good budget!

As for the emerald, it is the symbol of hope and fertility. Green, this stone is one of the most fragile. It is therefore not recommended for hyper active!

All is said. So do not hesitate to inform your beloved your preferences solitaire ring!