Swatch Group Masters crisis better than expected

We made the largest clock company in the world after the half-year figures now available for a positive surprise. The Swatch management is convinced that the sales trend of the last two three months as well as current new orders point to a recovery. The Swatch Group is expecting in the second half of the year with a turnover of as in the previous year (3 billion Swiss francs) should fail, it could be as high even more for several important brands.

A significant reason for this confidence is the destocking at the dealers. In addition, the launch of new products in the luxury segment (Omega, Breguet, Tiffany) and other brands, as well as the new mechanical movements for Tissot and Swatch are according to the report. The company emphasizes the short-time working announced for the second half of the year first and foremost linked to lower movement orders and watch others.

Contrary to this optimism stances of the figures show but also a decrease in the gross sales by 15 percent to 2.5 billion Swiss francs (1.6 billion euros) and a shrink operating profit by even 40 percent to 345 million SF.