Survey on Smartphone Use

Almost three out of ten Germans aged 65 and over use Smartphones. Especially Phablets have contributed to the Smartphone boom in elderly people.

Meanwhile, 28 percent of all Germans aged 65 use an Internet-enabled mobile phone. This was the result of a survey on behalf of the IT industry association BITKOM. BITKOM-Chief Executive Bernhard Rohleder sees the reason in particular, that smartphones, apps and mobile Web pages have

become more user friendly in recent years. Especially Phablets would have helped the Smartphone boom among seniors with their large screens. Also, there are some apps that are specifically tailored to the needs of older people.

Research among 709 smartphone users in the age 14 years half of the seniors said BITKOM survey that smartphones are a big relief in everyday life for them. Every fourth, so 25 percent, said that he can no longer imagine life without Smartphone. 22 percent found the Smartphone closer brings you other people.

With the Smartphone calls

Most often seniors use your Smartphone to make phone calls. 76 percent use it for this often or very often. 35 percent indicated the use of the camera for photo or video recordings and 33 percent the alarm function. SMS templates with 27 percent tie with Internet search engines, followed by short message services like WhatsApp or iMessage with 14 percent and online news with 12 percent.

According to the survey, older smartphone users use their device in average 14 minutes per day. This, such as how to use it, distinguishes it from younger users: user across all age groups, there are 82 minutes. In total, 74 percent of Germans use a Smartphone. At the 14 to 49 year olds, there are 93 percent in the 50-64 year olds up 83 percent. Also the sales numbers reflect that: 26.2 million units were sold in Germany alone in the year 2015. (sun)

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