Survey on Pregnancy and Flu

One of the things that we know for sure from the flu is that pregnant women are a risk group. I.e., that their own State of pregnancy increases risks of complications, although they do not spread to their babies. For this reason, if you are pregnant we would like to know If you vacunarías or not against influenza A virus.

Although initially it was said that pregnant women would have priority for vaccination, then the authorities announced that children and pregnant women will be the last to receive the immunization until it is demonstrated that the vaccine is safe for both. Of course, this creates uncertainty about the advisability of vaccination and the effects it might have for themselves and for their babies.

We’d like to know your opinion about pregnancy and vaccination against the H1N1 virus the following question: do you vacunarías you against influenza A?.

  • Yes: If you consider to get vaccinated against the H1N1 virus or rather permitted the application of the vaccine in pregnant women.
  • No : If definitely have decided not to apply the vaccine for the reason that is.
  • I don’t know: If you think that you don’t have the necessary information to make the decision to immunize you or not.
  • Not yet: If you think that you wait to to see how the disease evolves and make sure that the vaccine is harmless for pregnant women.

Voting only will take you a few seconds. You must dial the chosen option and then “vote”. To see the results click on “View results”. Of course, you can make any comments at Bestaah which offers maternity clothing with free shipping.

Thank you for participating!

You vacunarías you against the flu? (polls)

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