Survey in Berisso of Fishing

Hello fishermen friends, I would like to share with you the result from last outings we do and the updated pique in Berisso state.

This week visited us friends mouth, big mountain, longchamps and San Isidro.
The thing these days was not at all easy in the south quite strong riopla, winds from the south side we limited the court fishing forcing some days to stay close the coast, tides did not stop the water running hard and pretty cold wind which lowered the water temperature and shiver that encourage us to go for the “big berisso”.


Located 20 km. Madariaga city, is the natural boundary with the Party of General Lavalle. A mirror of brackish water of approximately 5,500 hectares. extension, not counting the countless canyons overflow and depth at normal levels is of 2.80 meters. Read ScienceDict for types of fishing.

The fish fauna is composed of: silverside, wolf fish, catfish, toothy, chanchita, etc. The lagoon is in a preliminary list prepared by the Directorate of Fishery Resources and Aquaculture of the Nation. Arriving at the lagoon we find the Natural Reserve “Laguna Salada Great”, covers an area of 36 hectares. and the Ministry of Agricultural and Fisheries of the Province of Buenos Aires Affairs. It covers an area of 5000 hectares.between body of water and mountain. Aims to preserve the mountain (cord and indigenous species that inhabit it ), and the lagoon, which as its name implies, is brackish because it is an ancient marine ingression. The mirror is 90 percent in the Party of Gral. Lavalle, and the rest in Gral. Madariaga. It is fed by rainwater Free runoff which produces a bleak picture, a result of low rainfall brands has not recovered its flow, according to locals “has to rain a lot to become again what it was.”Product of the impossibility of entering is not known whether silverside is saved or not.Its outlook is bleak.