Superzoom Is Not DSLR!

Me based on more than 5,000 comments/questions I ever got on this site, I can say that most of my readers have a DSLR, followed by a Superzoom, or both! But I get a question on the difference between these two types of cameras so common for beginners to photography.

It’s a very big challenge to answer doubts about Superzoom, because this type of camera has evolved a lot, so the answer that applies to a model, you can even remotely apply to another. So if you’re still not sure if your camera is a superzoom, or wishes to acquire one, stay tuned, this article will help you get the best from your equipment.

Superzoom is not DSLR

This doubt more common than you might think, especially when they are large companies selling superzoons as professional cameras and semi-professionals, which does not apply to this type of camera essentially developed for people who shoot for hobby. What is a Superzoom?

What is a Superzoom?

Superzoons, cameras are also known as bridgescameras, because they really were the Bridge between compact cameras and DSLRs cameras – now occupied by station cameras Mirrorless – are fixed lens cameras and with great zoom. They are relatively small, at least compared to DSLRs and many seem physically with their DSLRs, perhaps then come to confusion.

My camera is a Superzoom?

If she’s a chunky camera (chubby) and is written somewhere in the body a number followed by X, which indicate the amount of zoom that they possess, as 20 x, 30 x, 40 x, 50 x, 60 x, etc., in addition to not change lens, Yes, your camera is a superzoom. Have a high zoom, which usually causes the lens stay long when using the maximum zoom, is the crucial feature of this type of camera, since no change of lens, other types of cameras also don’t exchange.
There are hundreds of superzoom models, and it is natural for those who are starting to have doubts because many look awesome with a DSLR, but the hand is easier to identify because they are usually quite light.

The most popular models in my courses are: Canon PowerShot HS SX50, SX60, SX530, Nikon P510, P520, P610, P900, Sony DSC-L840-H300, H400 and DSC-DSC-HX400.

Advantages of a Superzoom

The great advantage of a superzoom, for who is starting, is that they are extremely versatile cameras because they have lenses ranging from large angular to superzoom in the same equipment, which allows shooting from landscape to animals and birds – which need large zoons for good results.

The learning curve of a superzoom is also smaller, as it is designed for hobbyists, usually you can shoot remotely without major adjustments, of course, that does not relieve the reading the manual

In my experience with my students, it’s very clear that models launched in 2014, has greater possibilities of results when you shoot in Manual mode, the difference is striking, already old models, shooting in manual mode can improve performance, but the sensorsare smaller, do not make big difference among the types of scenes modes, all very much alike.

Disadvantages of a Superzoom

While they are designed to look like the DSLRr, the superzoons are only compact cameras with large lenses, even recent models can’t reproduce the same level of detail that entry DSLR cameras can do, which can be very frustrating if your expectation is not according to their real possibilities. And unlike a DSLR you can add accessories such as lenses for specific types of different photos, when you purchase a superzoom, you’re stuck to that model can do, that is, in this regard, the DSLRs becoming more versatile and much more durable, because it takes too long to be obsolete.

If your camera is a DSLR, I wrote an article about them which you can read here: “I bought my first DSLR, and now?

There are some important points to be defined to find out if you will actually be a happy user of a superzoom.

1 – the price! Superzoons cameras are usually cheaper than DSLRs.

2nd-Lowest learning curve, because they give you less control over your results. The camera decides most of the time what you’re going to get shooting.

3 – You will be shooting exclusively for Hobby! There is no possibility of thinking in professional photography with a camera, superzoon is the same as thinking about photographing a wedding with a compact camera, that is, out of the question. It is designed for you to photograph your rides–essentially diurnal-and small parties, daytime too! Keep in mind that due to technical limitations, your best results will always be in excellent light conditions.

4 – If you do not want to think about having other accessories, prefer to have less quality on your photo, to have more versatility in a single place.

5 – As the models are always evolving, you don’t mind having to change your camera within 1 or 2 years.

What to expect from a Superzoom?

Here we need to separate the ancient superzoons of the newest (released after 2013/2014). The former, as I said before, are medium-quality compact cameras with zoom, so if your camera does a photo that you consider bad, she’s not going to improve it with the zoom, only make the same picture, just that. The funny thing here is that “bad” for one person, may not be far wrong to another person, the development of photographic look comes with time, and if you are satisfied with the pictures you do, congratulations, this is the main objective of any photographer.

If your camera is newer, you can increase and her results shooting in Manual mode, because manufacturers realized an increase in the interest of these cameras, and here you can have the best of both worlds, a camera that can be versatile in types of different photos (nature, portrait, etc.) and that allows even more with you learning the key concepts.

Due mainly to the size of the sensor, it is not developed for night shots, taking to the Moon, because they deal so bad yet with ISOS , usually necessary in pictures at night. But still, maybe evenphotographing at night in a well-lit environment, you get good results.

It is impossible to do amazing photos with a superzoom? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in years dealing with professional photography and students starting, is that one should not ever underestimate the power of who’s shooting. The superzoom can make you have photographic consistency, that is, always do good pictures, but learning the key parameters of a good photo- Photometry-, studying your manual, discovering what are the peculiarities of your equipment, learning to read the EXIF, training your eyes, watching your photographic composition, all this will take you to have far superior results compared to a hobbysta that simply raises in Auto mode.


Almost all articles here on the Photo Tips Brazil apply also to the superzoons, the fact of not being cameras geared for professional photography, shouldn’t stop you from being a hobbysta extremely happy with their results, in my experience I can tell you with tranquility that superzoons don’t do pictures at, but make DSLRs Iguassu resort provides e amazing photos Yes, I have hundreds of examples of my students online courses they run very well with your superzoons , but are dedicated to studying to achieve these results.

I hope that you have enjoyed, if yes, share with your friends, and if you have any questions, leave us comments, just so that we have evolved in our knowledge.
Then, you also have or have ever had a superzoom? What is your opinion about them?

See you soon and we go together!