Sudden Death of Football Player

How healthy is top sport really? And sport is as healthy as everyone seems to think? These are just some questions that arise when another message in the media that an athlete during a match dies suddenly. Is not it time for a comprehensive investigation of potential causes of such deaths?

Sudden Death of Football Player

Sudden Death of Football Player

August this year when the football player Antonio Puerta, before the eyes of thousands of spectators, was sick and inelkaar collapsed during the opening match of his club FC Sevilla against Getafe. He went a little later still outside pitch to the dressing room, but he was again ill due to heart failure. Several days later, Antonio Puerta died at the age of 23, after several heart attacks, in a Spanish hospital.
The death of Puerta is not an “event” in itself.
In January 2004, the Danish football Claus Henningsen died in Odense despite almost immediately a game.
It concluded that the cause of a “natural” death in previously healthy footballers. Claus Henningsen was 27 years.
In the same year in Portugal collapsed during a match between Benfica and Guimaraes, 24-year-old Hungarian footballer Miklos Feher of Benfica to the ground and died of a heart attack. The shocking television images showed how a smile Fehér, who had just received a yellow card for a foul, turned around, bent over, and then fell down. He was also healthy.

Random or not?

These are just a few examples. It is known that every year more identical cases occur in the field. To an outsider, perhaps isolated incidents, but who are in business will certainly be deepened in a very strange conclusion.Coincidentally, namely that all these people, beyond the fact that they all died of acute heart failure, used more or less pain medication because of injuries. Hereby, among other things, went to resources such as ibuprofen and Voltaren, painkillers available without prescription at any pharmacy and pharmacy.

Documentary “With the death on the field”

In an earlier broadcast of VPRO Danish documentary “With the death of the plan” is the combination of heart failure and the use of painkillers under review. Software manufacturers Miki Mistrati has done extensive research and put all the facts straight. Who has seen this documentary will undoubtedly themselves must agree on the cause of death of these athletes still may well lie in the fact that they swallow painkillers. A wrong thought when you consider that a football player, because he wants to play, swallowing painkillers because he injured it had to pay with death.

The Importance of Health Club Footballer?

The strange thing is that the leaves of the above two painkillers is nothing to find about possibly cause heart problems in the long or overuse. Also, after seeing the documentary, strange that the club doctors and physiotherapists for football clubs often these drugs continue to provide for candy is so clearly put the interests of the club over the health of footballers.