Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

The ridges arise when a disruption occurs in elastic fibers that support the middle layer of skin, comprising collagen and elastin, the ribs are more common on the breasts, hips, outer thighs, buttocks and thighs.

Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Most pregnant women get stretch marks during pregnancy, it is estimated that about 90% of pregnant women have stretch marks, this is due to weight gain in pregnancy.

The stretch marks in pregnancy are known as striae gravidarum, and begin to emerge in the second quarter, the amount and intensity of stretch marks varies from woman to woman.

In a multiple pregnancy, the likelihood of developing stretch marks is even greater.

Tips to avoid and treat stretch marks

Unfortunately, there is little to do, especially if you have genetic indicators for your appearance, but you can always try to mitigate the damage.


The first and foremost step is hydration, keep your skin well moisturized, drink plenty of water throughout the day and moisturize your skin with specific creams and lotions. Apply a good anti-stretch mark cream daily and apply to the breasts, belly, buttocks and upper thighs, where stretch marks are most likely to appear.


Food is also an excellent ally to fight stretch marks, make a healthy diet rich in vitamins C and A, include foods such as oranges, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and mangoes in your diet.

You should also eat a balanced diet so as not to overweight more than advisable during pregnancy, the more you gain weight, the more your skin stretches and the more chances you have of stretch marks, but avoid crazy diets, after all you are pregnant and it is important to be careful with your food, avoid fried, greasy and too sweet foods.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise is very important to avoid excessive weight gain. Ask your doctor about the best exercises for pregnant women.


With increasing weight in pregnancy it is important to adjust your wardrobe to new forms, clothes too tight can lead to the appearance of stretch marks, opt for a breast-size bra and loose clothing and cotton, which allow the skin to breathe .