Stradivarius Party Wear

As we had anticipated, Stradivarius has focused on glitter for its clothing collection dedicated to the festive season and especially in New Year. Even in this case, as we have already seen for other economic fashion collections, the choice is to bet on the elegance of the black rather than on the more traditional red, and the result in the case of a young line and saucy as this is to a eye-catching collection of character, and extremely glamorous and fashionable. Let’s watch it together!

This has become the golden year for glitter, are lots now the collections that have included clothing and accessories that sparkle in their collections, especially in view of the festive season. Stradivarius like Zara and H & M, moreover, is able to adapt to a line low cost reasons and ideas that depart from luxury collections and are adapted to more leaders within our reach: the result? Judge you! As you anticipate the collection of Stradivarius clothes favors the all-black, so images in the photo gallery you will find mini-dresses , skirts and dresses in black paired with blazers, outerwear and minigiacche coated with silver glitter, and in some cases even golden version! the lookbook photos show you how to combine the different pieces even with jeans if you like a more casual look, or perhaps with special leggings indexed by and maxi sweaters, without forgetting the bags and shoes from the new collection which are really beautiful! you which look will wear for the holidays?