Bras to Enhance Breast Size

Bra is an indispensable intimate garment the woman but a of the most complicated to choose. The choice of the size and model is not always easy.

Surprised knowing what around 70% of women used an improper bra size. Fact that affects not only aesthetic issues but may result in different mammary pathologies develop.

It is not the first time that we address this issue and after revealing the math to find the proper bra size formula, is one further step in the search for the ideal bra.

The contour, the volume of the chest, the birth of the same… affect the choice of model and size. And is that in a market where there are models such as the push-up, the balconet, bandeau, padded, without padding, Underwire or without, shaped triangular… How can we with the perfect model?

The ideal bra is one that adapts to our chest, without pressing, without leaving gaps. One of the most common mistakes is to opt for one smaller size for this push-up effect, or on the contrary, choose a size largest to appear to have a larger bust have done you ever?


If you are from which they have still not given with your correct shoe size, put in practice the tips to find your bra size. Once solved the mystery, want to know what are the models appropriate to the kind of chest?


The use of a model with or without rings is not a random decision. The bulky breasts favors them underwired bra since it helps to enhance without having to add more volume, however model without rings is not a recommended option. Although small breasts have no restriction in use, model without rings or the version of triangle, is not the most recommended because it subtracted slenderness to bust despite being a garment youth, naughty lingerie and sexy.


The balconet bra, ideal for very low-cut clothes, is highly recommended for small breasts because it helps to enhance them. A model with pad and the result will be 10.


And the push up? It favors alike? This bra model, one of the sexiest, is ideal for small breasts as it helps to enhance them and visually increase its volume. In addition, is a way of making the so-called cleavage, since get together the breasts that tend to be a little separate.


Finally, caution with model bandeau. Ideal to wear clothing that is not you should see straps, this type of bra store to flatten the breast, which is not recommended for small breasts or those too big. The most encouraging versions are those with Sweetheart neckline and filling.