Sports Bra: Which Is Ideal?

Like tennis, the sports bra should be chosen according to the modality you practice. Need help? Next, know which model to buy and point out our shopping advice.

Usar the most suitable sports bra itself is essential to prevent the tissues that support the breast becomes flabby according to Studies show that 70% of women experience chest pain after exercise, and only one in five wear a bra that suits their mode of action.

So, what is the perfect support you should choose? For modalities like yoga, pilates and hiking you should choose a bra with light support that guarantees mobility. Already to do bodybuilding, crossfit andspinning prefer a bra with medium support. In this case, the handles must be crossed. On the other hand, those who have the most support, with raised necklines and adjustable straps, are recommended for running, dancing, playing tennis and doing gymnastics.

Tips For Shopping

  1. Choose a model with an adjustable bracket for extra support and a compression fit to decrease breast movement.The crossed or swimmer handles offer greater freedom of movement leaving the shoulder blades free;
  2. If you have a small chest and do not need much support you can choose a seamless bra that decreases the risk of irritation.Make sure the fabric is antiperspirant so that it is always dry;
  3. The adjustable straps are an excellent choice for the bra to fit perfectly.Sports bras with straps like normal bras are useful for weight distribution evenly;
  4. If you have a large chest look for a bra with independent cups for each breast.Choose a bra with a clasp at the front as it is removed more easily when the body is transpired.

Now, who already has the advice, see the gallery with suggestions of sports bras.