Spas and Hot Tubs for Indoor and Outdoor Relaxation

There are spa products recommended for indoor and outdoor areas.

Relax and rest the body and mind are essential care to maintain emotional and physical balance on a daily basis. You can count on the tubs, spas and hot tubs for this mission. There are indoor and external products with different sizes and models, with and without whirlpool. Check out our tips on each piece, write down everything you need to know and buy your favorite model. Enjoy the offers online with the best payment terms and unbeatable prices.

Internal area

Installing a bathtub is one of the most compelling choices to ensure their well-being on a daily basis. After all, contact with water brings numerous health benefits, such as increased blood flow. There are options on the market with and without whirlpool. To improve the performance of products, consider purchasing some accessories, such as heaters that keep warm water throughout the bath and help relax the body. There is also the hydromassage jets (to relieve muscle tension), the system of bubbles (which helps fight stress) and chromotherapy (method that provides wellness through color shades). After knowing these benefits, choose the size, shape and the ability to cater more to your needs.

External area

Originality and well-being are guaranteed with spas and hot tubs, products installed in the area outside the houses. Suitable for the use of more than three people, the spa is deeper – compared to conventional bath. The hot tub is a compact model, recommended for the use of up to two people. The model is generally deeper and lower in relation to the baths. For both products, it is recommended to use floor for deck, highly resistant pieces of wood against termite attack. Whatever your choice, remember to take into consideration the size, shape and capacity in liters.

Sustainable tips

  • Reuse water from tubs, spas and hot tubs to flush and wash your yard;
  • Examine the need for the exchange of water and perform only when really necessary. To ensure the quality, ensure that your product holds the filter use, which removes dirt and keeps the water clean for longer – which reduces the frequency of the exchange;
  • Check for leaks in the baths and, if you notice any problem, perform the repair immediately to avoid wasting water.