Sony Xperia T3: Great Slim Between Class [Test]

Sony is back with yet another Member to the family: Xperia Xperia T3 and is, as the name indicates, the third edition.

Sony can eventually boast of having phones in all classes.

Once upon a time there was a hole in the Android world of topspecifikationer in the pocket-friendly format, therefore, Xperia Z1 Compact together screwed. In addition, there is also an older brother, the Xperia Z2, with its 5.2″ big screen and specifications in the topligaen.

And then there’s the Xperia T-line: the first edition featured 4.5 “, followed by T2 with its overwhelming 6”, and are now T3 here with its compromise 5.3 “screen. What they all have in common is their resolution at 720 p which is consistent, regardless of size and model.

Sony tries with Xperia T3 to show between the class in large size, even bigger than topmodellens physical goals. Specifications are scaled down to keep the price of rented tangible size, but there are too many cuts to give the right Xperia-experience? Let’s figure it out.

Fight on a diet

When a phone meter 150.7 x 77 x 7 mm, are the one in cross country for rar single-handed. Still, surprises the Sony Xperia T3 with its welcome 7 mm in thickness and modest 148 grams, which immediately gets one on other thoughts.

In keeping with tradition on a Sony-smartphone you will find the wide margins in front, and just as stylish design lines from Omni-balance-designed around. The sides are adorned with the familiar aluminum Rails, and all physical buttons is to find on the right side. Quite a sensible position on such a fight and push the quality is top notch.

The SIM card and microSD-compartment is hidden behind a flipbar flap, but unfortunately it is not the same with the charger that sits on the opposite side – Xperia T3 is not waterproof. This is a measure to keep the price down.

At the rear you will find a further cost saving measures, where a matte plastic dominates. This does nothing, because T3 is well screwed together, looks good and has the quality of being more non-slip in the Palm of your hand.

Mediocre media screen

On the 5.3 “large IPS display is 720 x 1280 pixels are sprinkled out, resulting in a density of 277 ppi. With the distance you hold the phone it is no disaster, but one should not expect a crisp viewing experience.The colors, however, has heart in the right place, and the viewing angles are good, in addition to the lighter warm tone that may occur by oblique-viewing.

The brightness is distinguished as being of the standard, and there are no problems at the outdoor use.

To accompany film konsumeringen of course there is a speaker-back. A place that has never been optimal for listening, and with its high-pitched tones, it is not the first priority to use it for movies or music. There may be appropriate to use the included headphones is not flashy but certainly passable.

You will find the NFC logo on the back, which allows rapid data transfers between other mobiles or streaming music. A nice feature for an otherwise nimble phone.


The message on the paper – wow, in fact,

In the belly of the beast hides a processor from Qualcomm, a Snapdragon 400 which accomplish 1.4 GHz, and is accompanied by modest 1 GB RAM and Adreno 305 graphics. This may not sound like much, but Sony has managed to screw in the right places, so T3 performs surprisingly well.

For example, the T3 is not many milliseconds after Nexus 5 with its Snapdragon processor 800, when opening programs, surf the Web, and more.

Speaking of surfing on the net – this is a pleasure at T3, which stands out as one of those running Google’s Chrome browser without layers. After intensive games and massive multi-tasking can, however, force the phone to its knees, but by daily use notes to no savings.

When the internal memory is only 8 GB, is the ability to expand to 32 GB via SD cards certainly welcome.

Behind the non-removable back cover saves the 2500 mAh large battery with a cocktail of pixel savings and large battery, one will experience its Xperia T3 be awake in a day and a half, and even two wisely. Overnight naeema only very reluctantly to the battery.

Do you have to be away from a power outlet for a longer period of time, one can resort to Sony’s configure-just, Stamina Mode, which lets you determine the phone’s behavior, for example data and synchronization.

A charging of the phone like times. Sony delivers only a charger with shy 850 mA, requiring three hours and fifteen minutes to let from 0 to 100%.


Simple is good

Sony manages to follow suit with updates, and Xperia T3 is born with Android 4.4.2, which also contributes to the silky-smooth navigation, since Android 4.4 KitKat reduced the necessary specifications to perform well.

Also here you will find Sony’s own bid on Android, Xperia UI, which presents itself as uncluttered and minimalist.

To do what you’re good at, and it makes the Sony. The faithful media applications like Walkman and TrackID are present, and with nice design and good usability, it is a pleasure to have.

Sony makes good for Xperia family, by having a dedicated application to problem solving: Xperia Care should have questions about software or troubleshooting.

Likewise offers ongoing various offers under the Sony Xperia Lounge, which can be reduced prices on SD cards or speakers. As the media master is the application “what’s New”, a good invention where you easily updated with exciting new apps, games or songs as seen in the picture gallery.

All in all, the Sony is not sparse with even imaginary apps, but with such a high availability it doesn’t matter, even if the internal memory quickly become cramped.

Sony lets you even tailor both app-drawer and the home screen, and with nice backgrounds as well as useful ways to plant applications on the cover, it is a pleasure to renew your phone’s look with spaces.


The camera is there

In accordance with the General hardware all the way around, wearing the Sony Xperia T3 also “just” a 8 megapixel camera with LED flash at the rear, with a front mounted on 1.1 MP.

Although the camera does not impress, however, it is always nice to have the dedicated camera button on the side to help.

The camera application resembles itself from others by Sony phones – minimalistic and uncluttered. In Auto mode the sensor manages surprisingly well to sense whether someone is in low lighting or macro scenario.

If you want to be creative, there are the different camera modes, and a pretty useful feature is the “Timeshift burst, who shoot a lot of images in rap, after which they can juggle between which one most appeals.

The camera is decent, but has tendency to underexposure and omit like details.

The camera can also, of course, filming, and sticks to 1080 p at 30 fps. The video portion carries the same toll as in picture shooting, and not because there is nothing to impress the microphone before noise and rattles fills the soundscape.

The lack of optical image stabilization is apparent here, and lighter shaking will result in a turbulent film score. Even after several attempts, it was not possible to get a crisp image in the box, so the video portion of Xperia T3 impresses certainly isn’t.

Third time is a charm

Sony Xperia is certainly an exciting product, but is with its screen size of 5.3 “is not for everyone. One should desire screen space to romp in, at the same time with a pocketbook who do not want to be emptied completely, Xperia T3 can be acquired from 2300.0-us and upwards with various telecommunication companies.

Sony has so succeeded in forging a smartphone that makes an impression. With its åleslanke profile and super smooth user experience, comes quickly to keep by the phone.

At this price, there isn’t much that disappoints, but on such a large display surface, you can miss some more pixels to get the complete experience.

The internal memory of 8 GB is not enough for many, so we must therefore strongly consider an SD-card price in the bargain

Sony Xperia T3 therefore gets 5 out of 6 possible stars from here.
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  • Nice and thin design
  • Good build quality
  • Price
  • Performance


  • 5.3 “is too large for any
  • Slow loader
  • Camera