Sony: Smartphones Might Follow from Mid 2014

Manufacturer Sony for its Smartphone business exclusively relies on Google’s Android operating system. This may change in the future, however, because as the newspaper reported the information, the management of Japanese company currently discusses the options for the use of the OS Windows phone from Microsoft. Two anonymous sources in the newspaper claim that first Sony smartphones running Windows phone could come from the second half of the year on the market. A final decision still pending on the part of Sony.

Currently is the question of whether the use of Windows phone for Sony would make sense. For Microsoft, this would be a good deal, because thus high-quality processed smartphones with a chassis made of glass with Windows phone could be sold, what currently is not yet the case with the cooperation partners of the software vendor from Redmond. Sony users choices in this way available, what would perhaps also some customers want. Currently, Microsoft Windows phone holds 10 percent of the shares in the European market. A collaboration with Sony could significantly improve the forecasts for the year 2014, according to ewenzhou.

Windows phone could be free

A hook exists when using Windows phone manufacturers since availability of the operating system: Microsoft requires that royalties, which is not the case with Google’s Android. This was in addition to the ease of use and the many features only one reason for the success of the establishment of Android on the global market in addition to Apple’s iOS. The source mentioned in this context as well, making the management of Microsoft thought about the free release of Windows phone. Possibly additional manufacturers could cooperate much easier with Microsoft. Microsoft, a higher spread of Windows phone would mean that there are more advertising revenue at the own search engine Bing. Also get the commissions for the programs offered in the own app store. Another way is in the range of own fee-based services Skype and MS Office for the mobile devices.