Sonos Gets Even Easier

Sonos brings update 5.1 which increase the level of usability and lowers the final price

We notified the Sonos ‘ smallest part of the family, Sonos Playstation: 1 back in may, which certainly made the impression, however, was not without errors. One of the drawbacks was the essential Bridge who both cost extra, and was necessary for the entire wireless experience.

The Sonos will change.

With the desire to make it the easiest way possible to listen to music at home, the Sonos through software found the solution. 

With the update 5.1 it is no longer necessary with a Bridge that is connected to the router, and your speakers can now stand on its own wireless legs.

If you want to test the BRIDGE-free alternative to your existing system, you must do the following:
1) Update app
2) with BRIDGE still connected, select BRIDGE SETUP in settings
3), follow the steps in the app
4) When these steps are followed you will be able to disconnect the Bridge from and test it even easier set-up without resetting the system.

You can always subsequently disconnect the BRIDGE back, if you want to use the “Standard set-up”.