Smartwatch Samsung Gear 2

The Gear 2 Solo incorporate a slot for the SIM card and to make and receive phone calls

Samsung has decided to go with a firm step in this market wearables devices. At this point, the South Koreans have already introduced 3 products on the market that correspond to this new category and are the Gear 1st generation, 2nd generation Gear and Gear Fit bracelet sport.

Smartwatch Samsung Gear 2

Despite being one of the first large companies to bet heavily on this new emerging market, and there are rumors that Samsung is already preparing future models of its smartwatch. It would be the Gear 2 Solo, an extension of the current smart watch but with some added features. Now, as we know through a patent issued by the company, one of these functions could be to make and receive phone calls.

The new smartwatch will be developed under the codename SM-R710 and incorporate a slot to introduce our SIM card so you can make calls directly from our clock, avoiding having to use our smartphone. Currently, the 2nd generation Gear required to be connected to a device in the Galaxy range to realize its fullpotential, including the ability to pick up calls from the watch long as it is synchronized.

As for the possible price of this new device, the Gear 2 smartwatch is rumored that could appear from $ 200, which would be $ 100 discount to the current generation. Of course, if functions like this is just confirming, there is no doubt that the final price increase.

The Samsung Gear 2 Solo could reach the market at a price of $ 200, $ 100 cheaper than the current generation

Samsung seems to have bet heavily on the market for wearables and, this time, wanted to be one of the first to arrive at the party and not join the mainstream as what happened when Apple released its first iPhone. It remains to be seen if Samsung will continue its own trend or change when the iWatch reaches the market.

Meanwhile, we continue to hope that Apple finally the final step to enter the market in a big way thanks to iWatch. Will the iWatch function for making phone calls?Should it be synchronized with the iPhone to do? We will leave doubts in a few months.