Smartphone Market in Germany

Around 26 million smartphones were sold according to the industry association BITKOM in last year, a definite plus for the previous year. Many users Miss especially one as well as new devices: batteries with more stamina.

For the Smartphone market in Germany, the industry association BITKOM expects further strong growth. 2015 in Germany 26.2 million units had been sold, which is an increase of 7.4 percent. Sales rose by 22 percent and cracked the 10 billion euro mark for the first time.

In the current year will with 28.2 million sold devices an expected increase of 7.5 per cent. Worldwide, the market researchers Gartner had forecast last low sales growth of 2.6 percent. “The Smartphone boom is unbroken,” said Hannes Ametsreiter, BITKOM-Executive Committee member and head of Vodafone Germany.

Long-lasting rechargeable batteries show wish list

Meanwhile, 51 million people in Germany used a Smartphone. According to BITKOM, only 15 percent have their Smartphone currently longer than two years. New technical improvements were a reason for the change for almost half of the users. More than one in two (55 percent) his currently privately used and even bought cell phone has purchased in the past 12 months.

An improved battery life is on the wish list of users according to the top – 63 per cent of respondents indicated that as a desire. 36 percent spoke out for a better camera quality, 35 percent wanted more disk space. “The battery life has not significantly changed over the years”, Ametsreiter said. It will invest currently but much in research and development. The need is great, especially in the automotive industry. (With material of the dpa) / (axk)