Smartphone Lost… What Now?

The Smartphone has now become one of the favorite toys of the Germans. Currently, around half of all people living in Germany has at least a Smartphone, the either privately, professionally or both is also used as a (Status: February 2015). Often sensitive reside on the storage of devices some of the data that should go under any circumstances in foreign hands.

Very annoying, it is as if the Smartphone lost occurs – either because you lost it or someone stole the device. We have a few tips for you, what to do, should this situation arise again.

Delete Data Using Security Apps

On the market there are several apps that help you remotely to your missing Smartphone to access. In this way, you can lock the device and delete the data. Prerequisite is of course that the Smartphone has an active Internet connection.

Also the big system vendors even offer similar: both Google (Android), Apple (iOS) as Microsoft (Windows phone) (see “my phone”-> “Find my phone”) offer different ways about their cloud services, to track down your missing Smartphone, and to delete the data in case of emergency. But also here assumes an existing Internet connection.

What to Do If Your Phone Can Not Be Tracked?

There is no connection between the Smartphone and the Internet and also the GPS is turned off, the instrument can no longer detect and send also a delete command. In this case, only the blocking of the SIM card by the network operator, remains you to prevent at least that someone abused your contract without permission and may be harmful financial. Usually a spare SIM card you can in the same step also directly order.

SIM cards also have a toll-free number 116 116 e.V. lock lock emergency can be in Germany. To do this, you choose the 116 116 simply. From abroad, you can also use this service, however the usual service charges apply here (0049 116 116 or 0049 30 4050 4050).

In Case of Theft: File A Complaint!

Do you have the phone’s IMEI (which is a 15-digit identification number similar to a VIN number on a car) your Smartphone ready, the police can find your device faster. Therefore, you should write down this number and keep safe. It is certainly not a bad idea to also record the serial number.

You can find the IMEI number in the settings under “Over the phone”-> “Status”-> “IMEI information” for Android devices. The iPhone/iPad/iPod, this information is located in the information of the device (“General”-> “info”) as well as in the packaging and into your iTunes account. On Windows smartphones the IMEI number under “Settings” is-> “Info”.

Our Tips (Before The Loss/Theft):

  • Note the IMEI number of your phone, so can the police more quickly track your cell loss and also your network operator to react more quickly. Also the serial number could be helpful.
  • You installed a security app that gives you the possibility of you to locate the phone, to clear the memory and completely to lock the device. Some antivirus apps offer with these opportunities.
  • Backs up your data regularly, so that the loss of the device means at the same time the loss of sensitive data. Apple, Google and Microsoft offer you the ability to synchronize your Smartphone with your account, so that at least the contacts are backed up. Images can be well with cloud services. For example, dropbox offers the possibility, with the mobile made automatically in the cloud upload images. In this way, they are available directly on your PC or laptop.