Slim Fit Shirts for Mens Online

In a previous article we review 5 criteria for whether a shirt is really in your size.

We will look a little more here in the section of the curved shirt (for men).

Slim Fit Shirts for Mens Online

Become quite the fashion in recent years, the nearest section of the body and at the waist has the advantage of narrow and lengthen the silhouette, highlighting the shoulders.

The downside for a man who just marked the size or rounded (you said buoy!) Is a shirt at the waist will be uncomfortable and unsightly.

Dress harmoniously is a matter of fashion, but mostly self-knowledge. This allows later to recognize the clothes getting in value, regardless of the trend.

How to Choose The Arched Shirt For Man?

Identify your body type, then you will know what degree of bending you best:

-Silhouette X: qu’épaules slimmer waist and pelvis which have the same width: A fitted shirt is adapted

-Figure V: wider shoulder the size and pelvis: A shirt with marked bending is recommended

-Figure H: shoulders, pelvis and size are the same width: Choose a man shirt with light bending

-Silhouettes O: the shoulders are narrower than the basin: Choose a shirt with the cut follows the lines of the body (but not tight) to avoid emphasizing the roundness of the figure.