Silverside Fishing in Berisso

On Saturday 16 April we are at sea south with Gabriel Lopez back country fishing for a fishing trip and relieve different fishing spots in the river south silver. The appointment was at 9 am on site marine south in Berisso just 60 km from federal capital and access by Highway bs as- silver which makes access quick and safe.

Wasting no time we began our course towards the first point chosen to start the day, the Hilstone buoy distant 18 km from the La Plata coast.  After leaving the access channel to the port we find a river quite moved by an east wind over 25km / h making it difficult navigation and forced us to slow cruise to avoid bumps in the boat. Now arrivals in the vicinity of the hilstone buoy, we begin with the task of preparing the tennis fishing, this is thrown into the water 2 anchors layer , a stern and bow to regulate drift and keep the boat couple, 2 bottles of fish oil and wait for the street ceba forms, and meanwhile starting assembly of equipment comprising rods 4 mts. Reels front medium for Basque and me, and rotary type “huevito” Gabriel, this time we use medium buoys since the height of the waves and the sun in front hampered us enough vision, embody with large crappie our hooks 1 / 0 and also tried with filet of pejerrey who took candidly. the pique was swift enough as it was just beginning to turn the tide to get in downspout, the first copy captured him Gabriel hoisted the boat a copy robust about 38 cm, which indicated to us the presence of good pieces in place. we continue the day with intermittent and choppy pique but with specimens we were forced to remain in the sector because of its size and power at the time slam dunk. Already past the 13 pm the tide and the wind was taking us cerquita channel where they navigate large vessels forcing for security reasons to change the fishing area, so we put forward to another point in the last week was performing well, which is the trasverso buoy. After a brief navigation and the river and in better condition than at the start of the day repeat the ritual of assembling the court and continue with the survey. Unfortunately , in this area the size of copies achico quite contrary to what had been going past weeks, the pretty rank tide gave us results in a pique virtually zero except for some medium copies up Basque after changing line with hooks smaller. Now being 16 and with a good stretch for sailing we completed the survey with a more than positive for this season is just beginning. Thanks Gabriel and forever !!!! Fernando Sanchez fishing guide embarked on Berisso.