Seven Things You Have to Do to Get You in a Good Mood

Every day the alarm clock sounds an inhuman hour. Every day you gruñes, groan and pray for a minute more of paradise. Get up is always done so uphill… But according to sleep experts, rise each morning with energy It is just a matter of a few small habits.


1 routine, routine, and more routine.

Oddly enough us, we are animals of customs and our body cries out routine. One of the best ways to make a dream of quality and, consequently, that you’re going to get with recharged batteries is maintain strict hours and always lie down at the same time. According to experts have to calculate what time you should lie down every night to ensure your hours of deep sleep, but it is normal that the first days cost you lie down so early (especially if you’re used to stay until the many watching TV or gossiping over the internet). The ideal is to forward each day fifteen minutes time you go to bed, until you reach your goal. A drastic change from one day to another will not operate.

2 take your relaxation time.

Separate your professional life in your personal life is difficult, especially at this time that we touched live where technologies make it us as easy and at the same time so difficult. But to ensure the rest the ideal is to give your mind a space to relax, disconnect an hour earlier, at a minimum, from the time that you have rated to go to bed.

3 you invent your own ritual.

We insist on the animals of Customs: not only lie down every day at the same time helps us sleep better, also create around the fact of going to bed a ritual helps us to relax. It can be anything that will help us to disconnect. Read a good book, drinking a hot infusion, a bathroom,…

4 low lights, low rate.

Any light can affect to your circadian rhythms, which will make sleeping more difficult. It is not only light it sneaks through the windows, but also all light-emitting electronic devices we are addicted, they disturb us even more than natural light. You turn off all one hour before going to bed and enjoy your ritual.


5. test with an App.

Technology gets on your side to help you meet your goals and start your day on the right foot. For example, Sleepytime calculates how many hours you have to sleep every night to wake up refreshed the next day. You can also try with the Morning Routine, an alarm of the more sophisticated which forces you to clear yourself in no time asking you to take some action. Cuckuu: Social Alarm Clock also helps you to get up in a different way, almost like a game in which you can have your friends for support you in your daily challenge.

And how man lives not only of apps, You can also try with an alarm clock that simulates natural light, a way of waking up really nice. This type of alarm clocks light up your bedroom gradually with a natural, similar to the dawn of light. While you sleep, light prepares your body for waking up when and whenever you have set in place, your body is ready to wake up in the best of ways.

6 planned in positive.

Rather than devote yourself to Growl and you become obsessed with the Browns that await you at work, you try to motivate yourself and think about what the day holds for you. Can be anything, from a walk at noon, an appointment with your friends, pick up your children from school or practice a sport.

7. give a boost to your productivity.

It will seem incredible if you are one of those people that find hard to come off of linen, but in the morning your creativity is very awake (more than you). Take advantage of these moments to read a book related to a topic that interests you or sign up some ideas for a project you have in mind.


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