Selfie Stick for Smartphones

Selfie Stick of Avantek in review: The latest trend in smartphone photography are definitely Selfie sticks. This arm extension allows us to shoot better self-portraits of us. We have the opportunity initially ridiculed. It looks so funny from when eg marching people with pulled-out Selfie stick along the beach.

Selfie Stick for Smartphones

From Avantek we received the PanShot Selfie Stick for testing and whether we are convinced of the contrary, will tell you our review.


We have of Avantek also receive a discount code for you, which you can find at the end of the test report

The Selfie Stick of Avantek Overview


1 x PanShot LT-C01 Cable Control Selfie Stick
1 x Hand Strap
1 x Carrying Case
1 x User Manual

Manufacturer’s Description *:

  • Supports GoPro Hero 4, 3 + 3, 2 and 1 cameras, or mobile phones from 2.0 to 3.35 inches (5-8 cm) wide
  • Plug-and-play, no Bluetooth pairing required.Just plug into the audio connector on the phone and you are ready to take pictures
  • Provides a one-piece design with folding mobile phone holder and built-in remote control without the hassle Installing your.The 270-degree adjustable mobile phone holder allows selfies from various shooting angles to shoot from above the crowd to make
  • Heavy-duty aluminum floor with easy twist-lock mechanism may be up extended to 38 in (97 cm) and retracted up to 9 in (23 cm) for great portable unit
  • 1/4 “screw thread at the bottom of the stick can be mounted on a tripod

Technische Details:

product weight 227 g
product dimensions 26,4 x 6,6 x 4,1 cm
model number LT-C01


The Selfie Stick of Avantek in Test

The Selfie Stick was made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum. With its 227g it can be held loosely in one hand and is not too heavy. The anti-slip handle ensures excellent grip, on the holder of the device silicon pads are attached. So scratching the phones is avoided.

When closed, the selfie stick is about 23 cm long and fits perfectly in the included bag. The 3.5 mm long audio cable connects the smartphone and the Selfie Stick to simple manner.

To start taking pictures, simply plug your smartphone or camera to the audio cable and away you go. Check more on WhereverSmartphone.

The handle is the release button. This is quite easy to reach with your thumb and you have to make any complicated contortions. You need no other programs or apps and that we find very user-friendly.

With the adjustable knob you desired from you angle (270 degrees) to adjust for photographing and then naturally tighten at this point. So blurred nothing and the smartphone holds bombproof in the manner specified by you position.

Complete the selfie stick is pulled 97 cm long. Of course it can be used to for seeing gray rings in several different lengths. is still a 1/4 “screw thread at the bottom of the stick. Thanks to this device, the rod can be mounted on a tripod.

Tami and I have of course made us ans Try the Elves sticks immediately and these are the first images

Conclusion for Selfie Stick of Avantek

The product is of good quality and excellent workmanship. The By Selfie Stick of Avantek can basically do anything wrong. The click device for adjusting the length is functioning properly and also holds bombproof.

The operation is simple and you understand the principle of the sticks quickly. Meanwhile, we are absolutely impressive levels from Selfie Stick to the contrary and smile at anyone. The PanShot facilitated lot and it is quite easy to do with him selfies.

All in all we are very pleased with the product and therefore awarded 5 out of 5 stars.

Finally, The Promised Discount 

The code KF2HVV4K (valid until 30/12/2015) you will receive a discount of 35% on the purchase of the sticks. The code you just have at Amazon  enter at checkout, he’ll then be deducted from the purchase price immediately.

Thanks to Avantek that we were selected for this test product.

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