Seiko: The clock knowing where you are

The new ASTRON by Seiko was one of the highlights of BASELWORLD 2012. what importance this watch in Seiko enjoys, can you read already on the naming. Because the first quartz wristwatch in 1969 by Seiko also bore the name of astron, and marked the beginning of a revolution of the clock world.

Seiko ASTRON GPS solar in the variant with stainless steel bracelet

A similar fundamental upheaval will not trigger probably the ASTRON of 2012. But it represents the technical ultimate a comfortable bracelet timepiece for frequent travelers at the moment. To make solar cells ensure that you – worry not to power of the clock at least, as long as the clock every few days getting some sunlight. A conventional clock about three pointer ensures a quick readability and must you readjust the perpetual calendar only in the year 2100 by one day (when the then falling 29 February will bring numerous watches a date problem).

So far, so comfortable – but already known. But with their new time adjustment function, the ASTRON enters technical Neuland. Who wanted to rely so far on an absolutely accurate time on your wrist, had to rely on a clock and then be sure, that he is one of the currently six stations in the lobby that broadcast a time signal. Instead of such terrestrial broadcast stations with a limited range, the ASTRON uses the time signals of the GPS satellite network. This network covers the entire surface of the Earth with at least 24 active satellites. As long as you can see the sky about themselves, the ASTRON can receive the exact time signal of a GPS satellite’s atomic clock. This is done automatically once per day. At your fingertips you can query in addition individually the time, then represented with a theoretical deviation of 1 second in one hundred thousand years on the dial.

In addition, the ASTRON uses also take advantage of the GPS system to the location and time zone detection. It is therefore first watch in the world, which assigns the correct time zone to your site and automatically adjusts the local time of the place. Seiko has divided the Earth into a million squares and assigned each of these squares to the right time zone.

Also in the profile distinctively designed: ASTRON GPS solar

-Friendly time zone conversion is now as comfortable as never before: you must reside in the open and press a lever for six seconds. Then the ASTRON absorbs connection to at least four satellites, determines the location and the associated time zone and set the clock to the current local time in 30 seconds. She regard all 39 time zones on Earth, so those who have slightly sloping deviations from the normal time, such as, for example, Nepal, located three hours and 45 minutes before Central European summer time.

, The indication of a second time zone and adjusting to daylight saving time with just a push of a button complete the facilities of the watch. The collection includes four models of high-intensity titanium and two watches stainless steel price range from 1950 up to 3300 euro and comes in the autumn in the stores.