SECOND TIP|5 Reasons to Hear Mayer Hawthorne

Hey, hey, hey!

After a week super hard, come back with a vengeance! Hooray!

The SECOND TIP today (if you want to see other posts about this project, click here), has a hint of music to start the week. So, I give you MAYER HAWTHORNE!

But it’s not a post where I’m going to show the songs that I like and where I will list for you 6 reasons why you hear already MH.

Let’s Go!

  1. Mh Is Multiart!:

Mayerzito began his career as a DJ and was already in the vein of good music. In addition, it is composer, arranger (which was to be expected as DJ) and with the time decided to drop the voice.

MH was regarded as one of the new names of the so-called “New Soul-New Soul” and was in Brazil in 2011 when opened the show the incredible and eternal Amy Winehouse. On your first tour, Mayer played all instruments on the show and today is in your 4th album: Tuxedo.

As a reference and inspiration, he hears of Berry White Michael Jackson in which brought a differential in loudness of your 3rd disk and one of my favorites of 4, “Where Does This Door Go”.

  1. His Songs Serve To Many Moments Of Life:

Since the first album “A Strange Arrangement” I already knew and thought to myself, “Damn, this guy knows his stuff!” or “Oh, how these songs are awesome, man!”

While I couldn’t find a singer that I like so much since 2008 when I heard Jason Mraz for the first time. In addition to being a wonderful disc, Mayer released an EP of music “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” in a heart-shaped vinyl.

When I thought he wouldn’t surprise me more… but, Yes … MH released your second album “How Do You Do” that let me just like this:

Seriously, Even If I Walk Down The Street, Usually In My Mind Was That I Wanted To Do.

If you like romantic ballad, hip-hop, disco, soul, R&B… whateva, MH is all that and much more.

  1. Mayerzinho Is Stylish.

If men want to have a style template for life fashion, follow Mayer now!

Early in his career he followed a line half a geek with hipster, but over time it was changing the style of clothes.

Do You Want Some Coffee, FashionÁSticas?

One of the most used and accessories that were abandoned were the glasses, I particularly liked it because I thought the glasses were a brand of it. However, sometimes we can see Mayerzinho sunglasses that let super charming.

  MH Style We Always Watch: Suits And Blazers, Vests, Bow Ties, Sports Shoes, Sunglasses And Hats. The Guy Is So Stylish That Years Ago The GAP Closed Partnership With Him In A Line Of Clothes He For Sure Would Use. A Lot Of Wave!

  1. He Is The Perfect Guy To Be Friends Forever!

In addition to talented, stylish and cute, the guy is still cool. Always making clips that shows us how he is fun and a guy to go out at night and laughing till I cry.

Always has funny pictures on instagram and clips shows real who is the Mayer. The coolest clips for me are: Maybe Just Maybe In (he sings with the guys from the street, dancing, skateboarding… well Mayer), The Walk (a sort of Mr. and Mrs. Smith), Her Favorite Song (where he sings with several dogs) and my favorite clip and my song of life Reach Out Richard (where MH recorded with GoPros that made an edition of 360 degrees in several shows of Mayer). If you want to see these clips, click here.

MH is not your real name. His name is Andrew Mayer Cohen and decided to put the Hawthorne because of address of residence during childhood, Hawthorne Road-Michigan. But like all good guy, Mayer was known as DJ Haircut:

“Haircut Is A Nickname That I Have Since I Was A Kid Because I Hated My Hair Cut. When I Started Playing In College, Was The Name Obviously Stuck. It’s One Of My Favorite Activities, Do For Almost All My Life, “ Says Mayerzinho (Nickname That Brazilians Fans Call Him)

Posted By Mayer Hawthorne On Tuesday, 3 December 2013

  1. Mayerzinho Has Amazing Music And Makes Partnerships Covers:

If there’s one thing I really love is to see famous artist singing songs to other singers/bands. Mayer has already done covers beautiful as Stay of Rihanna and my favorite, Royals of the Lord.

In addition, MH has sung with Snoop Dogg on “How Do You Do” and “Where Does This Door Go” he sings Crime with ANOTHER WONDERFUL Kendrick Lamar.

And to close with a flourish, he did a little tour with Daryl Hall&Oates. This partnership began on that Mayer participated in the program of the Daryl Hall-Daryl’s House-where they sang each other’s songs, i.e. PARADISE in FORM of SONGS.