Schuberth E1 Helmet Test: Comfortable Adventure

After almost a year of use, in various bikes and situations, we take stock of this helmet intended to face adventures, but always with great comfort.

It’s been about a year since I made the Schuberth E1 helmet. Over the course of this time, I have been rolling with him on various bikes and in practically every imaginable situation, from very hot days off road, to days of heavy rain and cold on asphalt. 
Despite the high price, which does not allow condescension as far as efficacy is concerned, the E1 does not disappoint and, compared to other helmets of the kind that I have also used, and which served as a reference for this evaluation, is certainly a good investment for those who Want an adventure helmet for travel.

The fact that the visor can be easily adjusted in 3 positions by means of a high-quality solar visor, a wide field of view without distortion, the ease with which the pocket can be opened (with just two fingers) , Or removed, are factors that, in an intensive use, especially when traveling, are priceless.
But E1 does not stop here.

The comfort of use that the Schuberth E1 provides was a highlight from the very first day. Its shape fits perfectly into the head, without any pressure points, being easy to put on and take off. Your safety tape is well positioned, not pinching your neck, with comfortable pressure-distributing pads that do not have a tendency to slip out of place.
The fabrics of the interior lining are quite soft, and are largely responsible for the pleasant feeling we have whenever we stick it on the head. On warmer days, when more laborious stretches cause excessive perspiration, the feeling of comfort remains.

The good seal of the visor is another important aspect: it ensures a perfect view on rainy days and does not let cold get cold. It also prevents dust from getting inside the helmet, making it easier to keep the visor clean, especially when you go in a group along dusty roads.
No less important is the low noise level that E1 registers. Despite the extra paddle and air intakes, when compared to other adventure helmets at, this Schuberth is actually quieter. However, it all depends on the bike, and in some cases, the noise level can be significant.

On the other hand, the E1 practically does not react to the effects of the turbulence, being always very stable, without causing oscillations, although, at high speeds, the blade has some undulation mainly in the lower position.
But as it is extremely easy to remove, on motorway or open road at high speed, you can perfectly take it out and save it, since putting it back takes only a few seconds.
And if you are not going to walk in the field, you can always let her stay at home, apply the covers that hide her attachment, and enjoy a different “look”.

Ventilation is one of the most important factors in a helmet. In winter, maintaining visibility is key, and it becomes difficult to see well with a fogged visor.
The E1, even without pinlock, can keep the visor free of condensation, and even if it gets foggy due to some stop, just start walking to quickly get good visibility.