Jewelry exhibitions in the summer

According to weather forecast is the summer in the next few days so, as it should be: warm, sunny and dry. Should there even be a rainy day, we recommend visiting a jewellery exhibition or a museum with a collection of small treasures. In Dresden for example the Albertinum was reopened last Sunday, which was 2002 major damage by the flooding of the Elbe. Now are the sculptures and the Gallery of new masters again on the old and new at the same time square. Who’s been here before, should equal the visit of the Green vault in the Dresden Residenzschloss don’t miss around the corner. It is considered one of the richest treasuries of Europe and is home to Saxony shine in all its glory.

, Leipzig is not far, and so is a visit to the gallery worth Mangold at the Thomas churchyard. There the exhibition will be until July 17 „ cherry blossom “ instead, in displays of jewelry, and vessel from Japan. It is said by the homeport to 9/11: „ is not only the summer meadow floral “. In the Gallery rooms, pieces of jewelry by Susanne Bauer, Michaela Binder, Andrea Fielitz, Tamara Grüner, Hilde Janich, Anke Jäger, bloom UNK Kraus, Kazuko Nishibayashi, Rainer Schumann.

Further Southwest, near the city of Frankfurt, is located the city of Hanau. There the Goldschmiedehaus Hanau to the jewellery exhibition with pieces by Emil lettré loads until August 1st (1876 – 1954) and Herbert Zeitner (1900 – 1988) a. „ Straw to gold “ is another exhibition, in which students of the drawing Academy of Hanau transform their ideas into jewelry and present until August 25.

Who resides in the South of Germany, should the jewellery Museum Pforzheim pay a visit. In addition to the permanent exhibition with jewellery from all over the world and from all epochs, the special exhibition is until 5 September „ jewelry to the Gwand – rural Bijouterie made of the Bavarian National Museum in Munich “ to see. Who later take in the gold city, can the special exhibition from 17 September to 14th November „ petticoat and WaSP waist – fashion jewellery of the 1950s. Christian Dior and big from the House of Henkel and great “ visit.

Who would like to visit another Golden City after the gold city of Pforzheim, is well catered for in Prague. Castle, Prague Castle, from 9 July to 17 October more than 360 magnificent gems by Cartier are issued is perched.

In Vienna the Galerie Slavik invites finally up to 31.7 at the summer festival. Jewelry by Beate Brinkmann, Ute Kolar, Giovanni Sicuro and Yasuki Hiraishi are the focus. It continues after a short summer break on September 1 with international jewellery art. Pieces displayed by Michael Becker, Annamaria Zanella, Anna Heindl, Helfried Kodré, Annelies Planteyd, and others.

With this coarse overview, we want to make fancy jewelry summer 2010. There are many more small and large galleries and museums with jewelry exhibitions, which show historical treasures and present modern jewelry design. About hints and tips, we are thankful.

Images: Gallery m, jewellery Museum Pforzheim