Scalfaro watch LM 917 Hans Mezger Special Edition

The wristwatch Scalfaro LM917 Hans Mezger Special Edition is the first air-cooled chronograph in the world. Price: 6917 euro (RRP).

A Porsche for the wrist? Goes – with the Scalfaro watch LM917 Hans Mezger Special Edition. The timepiece includes original parts of the Porsche 917 and has even an air cooling system such as this.

After Ferrari GTO, Mercedes 300 SL and “the beetles ‘ the car and clock enthusiasts Dominik and Alexander Kuhnle by Scalfaro for their newest watch model Porsche dedicate themselves now.Not the bestseller 911, but the legendary Le Mans legend Porsche 917.

Homage to the Porsche 917

His engineer Hans Mezger as exceptional talent is considered “Cars of the 20th century”, the Porsche 917. He was given in 1968 on the initiative of Ferdinand Piëch in the year in order that the engineer Hans Mezger entrusted with the construction. The 1100 HP engine developed by Maher won the powerful race car 1970 the overall victory in the 24-hour race of Le Mans.

Hans Mezger – Designer of the Victorious Porsche Models

The 15 of 16 victories at Le Mans that Porsche could achieve with Mezger engines confirm Mezgers construction skill was how awesome. The special feature of the powerful 12-cylinder engine of the 917 is its air cooling. The engine of the Porsche 917 is still regarded as most powerful air-cooled engine of the world.

Porsche DNA on the Wrist

To pay tribute to the legendary Porsche 917 and his designer Hans Mezger, the Porsche 917 takes the now launched Scalfaro watch design elements and in some way too technical and material details. As Scalfaro typical – small parts of the Porsche 917 in the housing process, to carry real “Porsche DNA” at the wrist.

Race Paint, Honeycomb Structure, Checkered Flag

Visually the Scalfaro LM917 draws Hans Mezger Edition with their racing livery, the honeycomb structure on the three-dimensional designed dial, the rim design on the rear side of the housing and the race flag made of ceramics on the bracelet on the design of the Porsche 917. The signature of Hans Mezger is engraved on the Sapphire Crystal. In the 43-millimeter stainless steel case, a Swiss chronograph caliber ADK153 automatic movement works. The bezel is equipped with a tachymeter scale for measuring speed.

Air-cooled – Scalfaro LM917 Hans Mezger Edition

However, the real peculiarity is the air cooling of the movement developed with Hans Mezger. Visible on the turbine-like fan second hand at the nine o’clock position and the lettering “air cooled” on the dial. Thus, the Scalfaro LM917 Hans Mezger Edition is the first air-cooled chronograph in the world.

Cool Gadget?

If the cooling function really promises an advantage, is unclear given the thousands, high-precision Chronograph on the market, which is not air. Scalfaro says however, that produced “More stable temperatures within the movement and thus ideal for perfect speed values” through the “air-cooled system”.

Price of the Porsche 917 Hours

The portable wrist tribute to the racing car 917 and also the engineer Hans Mezger is limited to – of course – 917 copies. The respective copy number is engraved on an element at six o’clock. Price of the Porsche Watch: 6917 euro.