Scalfaro: Air-cooled time

Model and material supplier: Porsche 917

In addition to wrist watches have Alexander and Dominik Kuhnle, the makers behind the brand Scalfaro, a second passion: classic cars. They like to combine both passions. And not only where they have design elements of the cars in their watch editions. You always use original materials of the models and collaborate with the creators of automobiles. With the recent creation of LM 917haben which win both Hans Mezger can. Mezger is the designer of the twelve cylinder engine of the Porsche 917, which is valid until today among specialists as ingenious design and most powerful air-cooled engine of all time. In addition to the motor of the 917 Hans Mezger, also the motor of the first Porsche 911 (901) was responsible. Were won by the 16 V8s, which so far has won at Le Mans Porsche, 15 engines developed by Hans Mezger.

Eye-catcher: the Edition makes a good picture on the suit and carries herself very pleasant

In measuring 43 mm stainless steel with ceramic inlays, original parts of the Porsche 917 were built. The design of the Watch has numerous cross references to the Porsche 917 and the 24-hour race of Le Mans. The black and white flag icons and the Red 24 for example. Or the black and white flag at four o’clock, resembling the traditional start time of the race. The paint colors are of the car aligned.

The makers of Scalfaro inspired with the keyword “Air cooling” to a particular innovation. Since the LM 917 is the first chronograph with integrated air cooling. And that is how it works: instead of a conventional sweep second hand, a small fan can be found at nine o’clock. This breaks the dial made of sterling silver and establishes a connection to the movement.

, The second hand fan produces a micro air flow as soon as the clock is running. This air flow ensures a thermal Exchange promoting heated air from the bottom of the housing with the cooler air above of the dial due to body heat and friction in the mechanism of the plant. Supported by the second hand fan circulates the heated air so slowly through the vents dial (also thanks to the honeycomb structure) between the “Engine room” and cold “cockpit area” underneath of the Sapphire Crystal. This is supposed to more stable temperatures within the movement and thus to better gear values.


powered the LM 917 917 piece limited EDITION HANS MEZGER – is the way to find its signature the Sapphire – by a Swiss chronograph movement, which is through the Sapphire Crystal of the point of view of soil, is decorated with the outline of a typical 917 race rim. The clock for 6917 euro is available.