Save Water with Toilet Water Box

Toilet model has versions with dual drive to meet different needs

Choose the toilet model is an important moment not only for the bathroom composition but also to the economy of water – a subject that has become a priority given the current water crisis that the country is experiencing. For these reasons, consider purchasing the toilets with attached box.

Compared to the valve designs, this version is more economical because it has a certain amount of water in the reservoir (6 reaches liters).

The wall discharge model can be activated as needed by the user, with no water limit to be released. So, if triggered by six seconds, this model can spend up to 14 liters. If the discharge is used eight times a day, the consumer has already reached the amount of daily water indicated by the United Nations (UN), which is 110 liters per person.

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To take home the most appropriate model toilet with box attached, keep an eye on some features.

It is recommended to measure the space you have available for the installation of the product and compare it with the size of the pieces – whose heights, widths and depths vary between each model. There are also color options: beyond the white traditional versions, there are models gray, beige and black for those who want to add more style to the bathroom.

Another important criterion is the drive. Currently, the best-selling model is dual command. To trigger the discharge, you have two button options: one that releases three liters of water, suitable for liquids and the other recommended for solid waste, releasing six liters of water.

When install the toilets, you should know that the task can be done by yourself. Learn how.