Save The Golden Fishing

Gold, yellow, tiger river, whatever you call it. It is the jewel of our fish fauna that a group of fishermen want to protect once and for all. For that reason, they presented a bill for the species to be protected in our province, putting on the same level as Salta and Santiago del Estero.

The initiative is in the hands of the ruling Congresswoman Carolina Vargas Aignasse.” I found a very interesting proposal and, despite the problems encountered, will present it as a project to be analyzed by the Committee on the Environment, of which I am part , ” he said. The lawmaker said that once received proposal requested a report to the Department of Renewable Resources. “Unfortunately, in the middle, died director and never received a response. So the sooner we will present the project to be treated”, she said. The fishermen did not invent anything new with your order. Simply they ask through a provincial law Declare the fish species of provincial interest and protected native species. For example, if approved, shall be prohibited fishing for marketing. In addition, Flora and Fauna has the obligation to regulate sport fishing. Also, what is unprecedented in regulation, in times of closure, you can catch them , but the return will be mandatory. They also asked that fines are harsh for offenders. They speak of a minimum of 1,000 times the value of annual leave. The project in question has other edges that make it much more important. The creation fishery protection fee is requested. That is, the fishermen are responsible for monitoring the beds to preserve the spice. Also planned is the creation of a multidisciplinary team that will be responsible to follow up on the ecological and reproductive conditions of the species. To approve this project will take an important step to preserve such an important and sought after as the golden species. It will serve to begin to recover land that seems to be lost for a long time.