Save the Dulce Fishing

In a kind of popular clamor, as happened in our province, fishermen in Santiago del Estero began to unite to fight against poachers and insecurity jaquea sport in the land.

“They’re everywhere and do what they want because there is no control , ” said Carlos Alvarez, one of the best known of Termas de Rio Hondo guides. It is the same up to Facebook a video which shows a boat with a clean Frontal network. “We thought that with the presence of Coastguard this would end, but we were wrong. More and more people that put trammel nets in the lake , “added the specialist who does not want to think about what happens at the mouth of the tucumanos rivers. It is known that Santiago is not so easy to deal with a problem of these features and more still if you consider that predators are alert about allegations being made. So there are few who dare to denounce the furtive by name. Carlos, for example, said that 10 days ago, while fishing in Curi, he met a group of predators, by the tune, identified as tucumanos of fly fishing lures. “Not only did I stop doing what I like because they threw nets across the river. I questioned and left. But when I returned the car, I realized that I had deflated all four wheels and stole all my belongings , “he said indignantly. They say colleagues mistol land that Sumamao is no man ‘s land. Loreto, Bañado Figueroa and Atamisqui, just to name a few, are the places where it is common to detect the presence of poachers. “The lack of controls in rivers seiner owners make all sit. It ‘s amazing what they are doing. In addition, lack of water, your job is much easier. The only ones that control them is to sport fishermen , “said Pedro, another witness who asked that her name be kept confidential. So worried are that, after asking advice to members of Fishermen Sporting de Tucuman, decided to create the group Save the Sweet on Facebook. For now has 30 members, but they estimate that over the days will be much more. What is your mission? Collaborate with the authorities in the neighboring province to ensure that species are preserved.