San Remo Festival Stars

Last night opened the curtain on the 62 th edition of the Sanremo Festival 2012 and we have heard so many great songs, but brave fashionistas an eye to look of our gold uvula we could not avoid it. Today we see the looks she sported the singers in the race in Sanremo 2012, I must admit that none of those seen in the early evening made me jump from the chair, but there are still four evenings to do better!

  • Let’s start off with Arisa who chose a beautiful dress by Mila Schön in colored powder made with a rigid tissue from the trapeze cut, a simple and straightforward set that’s fine. Arisa has opted for sandals from the killer heels of Max Mara, on the stairs was terrified of falling but fortunately did not happen. We give a 7, Frankie Morello X Factor must’ve done intensive lessons in style and good taste! “I am very happy,” says Bianca Gervasio, Creative Director of the Maison “Mila Schön has always had an excellent relationship with the music and art and we have enthusiastically accepted the collaboration with the artist”
  • Nina Zilli chose a deconstructed dress by Vivienne West wood in champagne color, with a futuristic bodice and a skirt puffy and bubbly. Her look was very nice, including cherry red heeled, but wanted to exaggerate and bonnets Style Amy Winehouse and found exaggerated. It can and must improve, 6:30.
  • Dolcenera confirms his soul rock and wearing a pencil skirt completely covered with gold glitter and a t-shirt with skulls, complete the look with the blacks boots with stiletto heel. 5:30, the shirt is really impossible!
  • Emma Brown chooses an outfit unsuitable Ariston but very suited to her, an emerald green suit Costume National with shorts, T-shirt and matching jacket tailoring, at the foot of murderous high-heeled ankle boots.
  • Emma let an 8.
  • Irene Fornaciari could be more daring, he wore the leather leggings, biker boots blacks and a maxi brown jacket over a vest with velvet effect. We are really, 4.
  • Loredana Berte is impossible, choose a black suit with a pencil skirt and tailored jacket, but does not have the class to bring a boss like that and it seems a caricature of herself. The hair looks fake, her lips to raft in Angelina and glasses blacks style are terrifying, perhaps regret the tutu a few years ago!A Loredana give a 5:30 because he tried to dress well, even if it seems an imitation of Tatangelo!
  • Chiara Civello comes straight from the eighties, wearing a beige dress illuminated by rhinestones combining to blacks and heeled suede leggings listed on Educationvv.. She let 4, the retro hairstyle with the eighties is just out!
  • Silvia Mezzanotte choose a long dress that recalls the Moon collection of Armani Privé but without a shred of class, choose an outfit black with fuchsia lining and with a three-dimensional neckline that is exaggerated since it does not have a cleavage worthy of these affectations. A Silvia give a 5, we tried to bring originality to the Ariston!
  • And finally there’s Naomi who really wrong look, the former talent X Factor took a few pounds (and so far nothing to say), has the wrong color (the red / orange is terrible!) And even foundation (it is white) and even outfit, a suit with dark fuchsia implications should be fine as well without that hair. Things worse with the fuchsia polish on the nails very short. Naomi has a beautiful voice but in terms of style deserves a second!