Samsung’s Multiroom Extends the Scope

Samsung believes in wireless tones in the home and will soon present a new Member.

Besides having the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the pipeline for IFA 2014, Samsung have even more in the backpack – and this time to lydentusiasterne.

Please welcome to the younger brother M3 – smaller, cheaper, still wired.

Earlier this year Samsung introduced himself to the wireless world rich in with Multiroom-speakers. As the wireless challenge, Sonos, Samsung also uses Wifi to transmit sound at home. This is not available, both NFC and Bluetooth can get you to the rescue in order to satisfy the urge music.

To control even how many active devices you will have in your home and with this new installment to 1495.0-crowns, has even more opportunity for access to the wireless universe.

Date of availability is yet unknown, but at IFA 2014 which is right around the corner, Samsung and Spotify will tell more about the M3 and future strategy.