Samsung Launches Wireless Charger Case for Galaxy S5

The Samsung has just announced the launch of an official cover to charge your mobile phone Galaxy S5 wireless manner. The accessory is not exactly the most energy-efficient or fastest-it seems to exist purely for aesthetic reasons.

Basically, to make the Samsung S Charge Cover work, you should replace the back part of your device with a new one that is able to connect to the Qi (name given to the small treadmill connected to the wall). This little gadget should be plugged into an outlet, but it serves as a fixed base where you lean your cellphone to charge it. Samsung should provide its own Qis for the Galaxy S5, but the new cover is compatible with all models in the market.

Just like in previous models, the new rear is a little thicker and rubberized, in order to increase the protection of the device. The thickness of the Galaxy S5 goes from 7.8 to 10 millimeters when the new part is used. Despite the remarkable change, the cell phone does not lose its elegant and slim look that has set itself up as standard in this version of the Galaxy.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Other small changes can be noted, such as the absence of the company logo in metallic finish. The new rubberized rear features a painted logo counterpoint to the chosen color. All outputs also seem to change a little thanks to the thicker part thickness. The camera itself seems to be a bit more buried, although it does not present any obvious problem for this.

According to ezhoushan, the main problem with wireless charging is that it is less efficient than the normal cable plugged into the wall outlet. The Qi charges the phone at a speed equivalent to a USB port, plus or minus 760 mA.

The main issue is the convenience as it is certainly much simpler to drop your device on the small treadmill than to have to plug it every time you want to charge it, even if it does not serve well for quick recharges . It is a decision that should be considered by those interested in this new technology, which is more visually appealing than useful.