Samsung Galaxy Touch 5-In The Hands-On

The new Bill is chic and elegant than its predecessor, also it gets the fast S6 series hardware. Note Writer and traveling artist be be there angry, that comes the Samsung Galaxy-note 5 not to Germany for the time being.

At a press event in New York, note 5 has unveiled its new high Phablet Galaxy Samsung. Pen fans will be disappointed: not only has the note 5 – the new design guidelines from Samsung next-a MicroSD slot, nor a spare battery. In Germany, you will not even get the note’s successor. Samsung wants to focus in this country on the edge series, which was very popular in Europe, it says. heise online has looked at, if you missed something.

Function follows form

No question: The note 5 looks pilfered and more elegant than its predecessor, it weighs less and is considerably narrower. In principle, the Bill 5 is a Galaxy S6, which were raised for the touch screen size with 5.7 inch 14.2 cm x 7 cm on 15.3 x 7.6 cm. How the S6 are dominated by glass and metal: the back in different colours, shiny metals and attracts Fingertappser; Noble’s looks, the gloss effects are not for everyone – but and in addition, the battery is no longer interchangeable through the fixed back. Also the elegant swing falls away by the design change, who made the note 4 overleaf and narrower pages.

The grade 5 looks plus edge therefore almost identically to the new S6, which is also the large 5.7-inch display. The biggest difference is the PIN, apart from missing rounded edges. He puts in a shaft at the bottom of the Phablets, moves to a strong pressure (equivalent to pressing on the end of a ballpoint pen) from the slot and is slightly better in the hand than the pen of the touch of 4 Samsung speaks of many small detail changes to the included apps, for example, you can now combine a screenshot about multiple screen pages and Scribble. The bottom line the same supplementary fare but gets how the note 4: can make a precise, pressure-sensitive pen with which you write excellent notes and sketches.

The “S pen commands”-menu, which presents appropriate quick launch icons to pen-apps for pulling out of the pen, now Carl looks. The icons stand in a semi-circle around a pen logo on the right side (or for left-handers on the left side) on the side of the screen. Keep the PIN slightly above the display, a cursor is visible; you know this mouse-over effect of the touch 4, and as well as with the predecessor he offers in almost all preinstalled apps add-on functions.

Not only in terms of design, but also the technical equipment that is rated 5 on the S6. That may sound boring, but for note-4 owners, it means a (still) better camera, a faster Exynos-octa-core, and for the first time wireless shop factory. We might not be able to detect problems in the first short test: the software ran on the demo unit smoothly and perfectly.

Plus or minus?

Samsung goes the same way as before in the S6 in the grade 5: chic, like Apple, no MicroSD, such as Apple, and no battery, just as Apple. Samsung brings together again the Smartphone concepts since the S6 divided into two philosophies so-at the expense of many distinctive features to the big competitors out of Cupertino. The Smartphone market is a whole lot more boring.

Nevertheless: the bottom line a – at least first try after-handier and faster optical renovated comes out note 5, offering is still an absolute USP pen and excellent display; even without MicroSD and removable battery. For this reason alone, we can hardly imagine that Samsung is really long withheld the note 5 the European market. (acb)