Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: Snuff Sensible and Child-Friendly [Test]

Fourth generation of Samsung’s tablet offers clear benefits begin at a lower price. But there is still room for improvement.

Samsung new Tablet’s get it hard. Tablet market has slowed down and Samsung are bleeding market share. But good-value products like Galaxy Tab 4, may turn out to be the ones who can turn things around for the Korean giant.

Earlier versions such as Tab 2 and Tab 3 had otherwise not many roses here. Too little power, a rumps heavy interface and an unrealistic price on 3000.0-NOK did that our site sent Samsung home again with two stars and an admonition.

Year 2014 looks different interesting out. List price sneaks under 2000.0-crowns, the Cabinet is both solid and light, while a decent four-stroke is ticking in engine room. The software is upgraded at the same time.

It is an interesting tablet Samsung here has put together.

Loss 4 is available in 3 sizes: 7, 8 and 10.1 inch. Today’s test tablet is the great 10.1 “variant.


Specifications Samsung Tab 4 10.1

Goals: 243x176x8 mm, 487 grams
Screen: 10.1 “1280 x 800 (149 PPI), TFT IPS-technology
Performance: Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz, Quad-core, 1 GB RAM, 305 Adreno graphics
Camera: 3 15MP f/2.4 lens, 720 p recording, 1, 3MP front
Storage: 16 GB + micro-SD up to 32 GB. + 50 GB Dropbox.
Battery: 6800 mAh
Software: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Moreover: available in white or black.

Over the appearance of the solid

Are you familiar with the Apple iPads and their metallic finish will Loss 4 seem unfamiliar. Here is plastic all around – not particularly noble, but in Loss 4 it is solidly screwed together.

The design will not win anyone’s hearts, but betrays not immediately that this is a cheap tablet. The chrome-plated plastic edge is Samsung’s hallmark and, of course, is also to be found here.

ipads need often to both helmet and knee pads before poderne can turn it loose on the fine finishing – here is the loss 4 just don’t care, it agrees to absorb kids ‘ rooms ‘ many rough and tumble.

Weight is down in the iPad Air League and together with a perfect nubbly back ensure an excellent grip on the machine.

Samsung’s insistence that houses a physical home button driller, however. Android operating system is developed with control buttons that come with whichever way the Tablet pointing and it is missing here.You come to activate the home button prematurely, for example when it is saved in your bag, it becomes outright irritating.

The irritation continues around the volume and power buttons. They are stored well down in the edge and can be difficult to hit if you don’t posses finkirurgisk motor skills.

Saves the picture

Samsung is very colourful, but in Tab 4, we are far from big brother’s opulent color loss Dick. The world is generally more dull and washed-out in Tab 4 and when the screen also is not particularly sharp calls for more generosity from Samsung. A resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels spread across 10.1 “hear gradually to the previous decade.

On the other hand, speakers are not stupid. First of all, because they are two, and because the sideways pointing each their way and ensures real stereo sound. They can, of course, did not play up to the party, but talk and film goes clear through. As in most tablets are bass in short supply.

For Netflix and other diverse forms the monitor and speakers, after all, a reasonable tandem. It’s going to be able to satisfy most.


Horsepower enough

Poppes bonnet up POPs biggest improvement compared to last year’s model up. Number of cylinders is doubled. It is now a firekernet processor which forces the Galaxy Tab above. And thank you for it.

For everything from browsing of images and the Web, to kittens and riding horses on YouTube is the definitive end of the trunk and hesitation. Even major graphical tasks such as 3D-game Real Racing 3, obey then as it should, but it is clear that the details are screwed down so as not to give the processor over the work.

The operating time places itself in the middle of the field among Android tablets. You can heave a little fair use of Tab 4, challenger to it with heavy game dratter longevity, however, less than 5 hours.

RAM and storage space will remain unchanged at 1 GB and 16 GB respectively. Will be storage space button, Samsung is so nice to include 50 GB in the Dropbox cloud in two years – very liberally in a budget model. On the other hand, runs out of RAM, there is no fix – the tablet will kløjes and run slower.

Can also juggle

Fortunately, it is Android 4.4 KitKat which makes up the underlying operating system. Google operating system is optimized for devices with 512 MB of memory, and as long as you do not fluctuate multitasking-the whip too hard you will not run into trouble.

And that’s both good and evil, for exactly multitasking is otherwise Samsung tablet ‘ great strength. A flick from the right conjures up a menu from which you can play at the same time two programs-in their own window. It is convenient, but the selection of apps is limited. Obvious apps like Facebook Messenger or just a calculator is missing here.

In contrast to the more expensive Note or S series is that spared little in Tab 4 ‘s software package. Here you will find neither dedicated Flipboard aggregator, Kids Fashion or digital magazines.

On the other hand, what you get is practical and usable: for example, the excellent keyboard, Dropbox or Hancom Office suite that can both read and edit Microsoft Office files.

At the same time, you can download most of the large equipment package through Samsung’s Apps. In the end, it releases more storage space for unused apps do not occupy unnecessary.

No focus on the camera

Tablet cameras are typically nothing to shout Hooray for, but in Loss 4 almost tempted to buhe. There are only 3 megapixels to do well with here. At the same time exhibit Loss 4 a dull tend to wash out the few details there are.

The camera is fix-focus, which means that there is no focus on close subjects as QR-codes. Colors and contrast is however, reputable, and this benefits in particular by video recordings as not drawers near so violently.

Front camera is also not great, but for Skype in good lighting, however, it is useful.

Close to, dull screen

Samsung has taken the criticism to heart and corrected many of the serious deficiencies of its predecessors. Now it is ending with the frustrating wait times and hoe through the use, at the same time, materials and build quality significantly improved.

However, there is increasingly an Achilles ‘ heel in which Samsung should make an extra effort: the screen. It is understandable that Samsung will not invest in the finest and most expensive display panels such as those who bet on in Loss S. But the current is too stripped-down.

The spread between S-series ‘ amazing screen Loss and it can be found in Tab 4 is simply too large. The current is too sanguine and low-dissolved – even for a budget display ad 2014.

One can see through the fingers with the dull screen is loss 4 otherwise a pleasant acquaintance. It performs all tasks with bravura and Samsung’s software functions as screen breakdown is practical.

With a daily rate of around 2000.0-kroner Loss consists 4 and get 4 of 6 possible stars.