Samsung Galaxy S7 Repair

The repair experts have taken apart Samsung’s new flagship. The generous use of adhesive, as well as the placement of individual components difficult repairs when the Galaxy S7.

Whether an ambitious hobbyist or professional repair shop: broken Smartphone-components or depleted rechargeable batteries require the opening of the devices. Repair Kit dealer iFixit has looked at the inner workings of Samsung’s current flagship Galaxy S7.

The high-end Smartphone truncates even worse than its predecessor, which reached at least four points with only three out of ten points on the scale of the Raparaturfreundlichkeit.

Glue against dirt and dust

The case of the Galaxy S7 with screws shall be open. According to IP68 against dust and water protected the Galaxy S7, which requires the tightness of all housing components. Frame and back of the glass are held together by glue. This can be solved only with heat, suction cups, and violence.

Under the rear screws to remove the components can be found next to a smooth surface where the glass back to find good hold. Behind it, the bonded battery of Galaxy S7 is installed with a capacity of 3000 mAh. The following components of the Smartphone are connected by small contact springs and correspondingly easy to remove.

Tiny Heatpipe

However, the sandwich cables that lead to the softbuttons of the Galaxy S7 are problematic. These are wrapped around the frame of the screen. An Exchange is possible only after the complete removal of the display. The tiny heatpipe that Samsung has incorporated to the cooling of the processor is also interesting. This is although only half a millimeter thick and half a gram easily, via the link to the enclosure cooling capacity ensuring nevertheless.

Finally, the repair experts praise the modular design, which allows the exchange of individual components. Also the battery can be replaced, if the glue and the also bonded glass rear panel removed. Must, however, the USB port be replaced, this will require the expansion of the screen. Due to its construction, there could be further damage. (vbr)

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